The Pride

The Pride

The Pride
Faction Type: non-canon
OOC Contacts: Klavdiya Vasiliev
IC Contacts: Klavdiya Vasiliev
Headquarters: Mutant Town
Theme: {$theme}

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The Pride is a communal alliance of the homeless operating in Mutant Town for the mutual support and defense of the community as a whole, and the homeless in particular. They have come into conflict with several forces over the last six years, including multiple organized crime factions. They were originally organized and are currently led by a figure few have ever seen known as the Hunter.

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2020-06-14 - Language Barrier
Summary: Posse comes to Mutant Town to find the Hunter. They need to talk. Of course talking to the...
(klavdiya-vasiliev posse pride rescue social)

2020-05-07 - The Hunter Signal?
Summary: The warrior leader of the Pride has left a message for the Darkstar, a call to aid and...
(cyga klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze pride social)

2020-04-26 - Healing and Hope ... Hubris?
Summary: The Pride have become aware of something new on the borders of Mutant Town, and they decide...
(catseye cyga emma-frost klavdiya-vasiliev lexi-haze pride social)

2020-04-16 - Midform Tigress in the Infirmary
Summary: Following her flight from the Cyberian Arena, Amur Khatun comes back to Mutant Town with...
(cyga klavdiya-vasiliev lexi-haze pride social)

2020-04-11 - The Arena Part II
Summary: RESCUE (mostly) to the rescue! Domino is snatched from the clutches of the vile Cyberian in...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki io-niven klavdiya-vasiliev plot posse pride rescue thea veronica-kelsey)

2020-04-03 - Hellcat Missing
Summary: Following the devastation, Posse and REACT return to the scene of the disaster, and find...
(cyga klavdiya-vasiliev plot posse pride rescue social)

2020-02-10 - Present Day Catnip Dealer
Summary: Eve goes looking for that giant tigress she met. She finds something else entirely. But...
(eve klavdiya-vasiliev pride social)

2019-12-20 - Time to Hunt the Hunters
Summary: The assembled allies set a trap to draw in and neutralize the Razors before more people are...
(althea-harman black-widow klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze nadia-van-dyne natalia-romanova neena-thurman nvd plot pride razors rebecca-gadison thea)

2019-12-23 - A Matter of Pride
Summary: Hunter and Domino have a cat to cat moment. Some common ground is established. Log Info:...
(domino klavdiya-vasiliev pride razors social)

2019-12-17 - Playing Dominoes on a Razor's Edge
Summary: Darkstar and Hunter buy some guns from and then essentially Portal-nap Domino. At a secure...
(domino klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna plot pride razors thea)

2019-12-16 - What To Do With Razors
Summary: Having retreated following the attack, and having treated their injuries, the group of...
(althea-harman amur-khatun catseye darkstar klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze okhotnik plot pride razors river sharon-smith tendril thea whiplash)

2019-12-16 - How Do We Blunt Razors?
Summary: Laynia and her former mentor Natalia meet with Klavdiya and strategize about the Razors...
(black-widow klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna plot pride razors)

2019-12-15 - Uncooperative Fuzzy Patient
Summary: Lexi and Laynia struggle to treat and save Amur Khatun, and contact Thea for her help with...
(althea-harman amur-khatun darkstar klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze okhotnik plot pride razors river shield tendril thea whiplash)

2019-12-15 - The Shot Heard 'Round Mutant Town
Summary: Darkstar and Whiplash set up a meet with Laynia's contact to find out about the Razors and...
(darkstar klavdiay-vasiliev klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze nadia-van-dyne okhotnik plot pride razors tendril wasp whiplash)

2019-12-07 - It Gets Better Than This
Summary: A few of the residents and supporters of Mutant Town encounter one another at a food...
(darkstar klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze okhotnik plot pride rebecca-gadison whiplash)

2019-11-30 - Clinic Bake Sale
Summary: The homeless and their allies in Mutant Town stage a fundraiser, using donated supplies to...
(colossus darkstar klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna okhotnik piotr-rasputin pride razors social)

2019-11-24 - X Marks the Hunter
Summary: Laynia calls on Lexi to help her find the Hunter and arrangements made for Okhotnik to meet...
(klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze plot pride razors)

2019-11-23 - Shadows of Razors Past
Summary: Old K.G.B. communication starts working again using patterns of Red Room code. The Black...
(black-widow klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna plot pride razors)

2019-10-27 - Patrolling the Pridelands
Summary: Hunter finds someone in her territory. Her and Posse come to a loose agreement. Log Info:...
(klavdiya-vasiliev posse pride social)

2019-10-19 - Hunter's Maze
Summary: Hank and Catseye journey to Mutant Town to check up on the girl afflicted by the Freakshow,...
(catseye hank-mccoy klavdiya-vasiliev pride social)

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