The Bat Family

The Bat Family

Staten Island - Home of Bats
Faction Type: Social Faction
OOC Contacts: Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Dick Grayson
IC Contacts: Batman
Headquarters: Batcave / Wayne Manor
Theme: In 1997, the vigilante known as Batman made his first appearance in the boroughs of Staten Island, New York. While the 120th - 122nd Precincts of the NYPD have Batman and his cohorts marked as unregistered vigilantes, they do accept their help when it's presented to them. In the time since Batman's appearance, various other heroes and villains have made their own debuts in the area - an area of New York that is generally left alone by most heroes for various reasons.

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2019-12-23 - We Have Secrets
Summary: Bruce visits Babs to *not* give her the identity speech. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(barbara-gordon bats bruce-wayne gorgon plot)

2019-12-10 - Grim Tidings
Summary: Batman and Robin arrive just as Leviathan as she's attacked, and Talia breaks the news of...
(bats bruce-wayne damian-wayne social talia-al-ghul)

2019-12-04 - When It's Too Late For Dorm Security
Summary: An early morning in the Wayne household brings different kinds of news. Log Info:...
(bats bruce-wayne helena-wayne social)

2019-11-27 - Failure to Negotiate
Summary: Talia delivers the news to Bruce of her father's death and attempts to negotiate her plan...
(bats bruce-wayne social talia-al-ghul)

2019-04-24 - In This Together (Reprise)
Summary: Selina tracks down Bruce for a heart to heart on Helena - and learns what happened to a...
(bats bruce-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-24 - In This Together
Summary: Emotions explode under Batman's harsh judgement of Helena's first mission. Log Info:...
(bats bruce-wayne helena-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-23 - Visiting Hours End At Eight
Summary: So maybe coming in after hours wasn't the best idea Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue...
(barbara-gordon bats pamela-isley social)

2019-04-23 - Denim Crows Briefing
Summary: Batman briefs the Batfemmes on the upcoming mission against the Denim Crows. Log Info:...
(barbara-gordon bats bruce-wayne kate-kane plot rule selina-kyle)

2019-04-23 - Debriefing, and a Mother's Pride.
Summary: Catwoman and Helena reflect on their mission Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue Apr 23...
(bats helena-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-21 - Prepping
Summary: Catwoman briefs Helena on their first assignment Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun Apr...
(bats helena-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-21 - Helena's First Mission
Summary: Catwoman and Helena pursue the lead that Batman left them - and Helena's first mission...
(bats helena-wayne keiko plot rule selina-kyle)

2019-04-18 - Dinner with the Waynes
Summary: The Wayne family has dinner together and present Helena with a present. Log Info:...
(bats bruce-wayne helena-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-17 - The 'Healing-Touch'.
Summary: Selina helps Bruce tend to his wounds, and they discuss the differences and similarties of...
(bats bruce-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-17 - Is She Ready? Is He Ready?
Summary: Bruce and Selina debate whether or not Helena is ready. Helena makes her case for it. Log...
(bats bruce-wayne helena-wayne selina-kyle social)

2019-04-17 - Casefile: Meredith Youvin
Summary: After learning some information on one of the possible kidnappers from Nightfall, Bruce...
(bats bruce-wayne plot rule selina-kyle)

2019-04-15 - Pure id
Summary: Flashback: An early clash between Batman and Catwoman Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(bats bruce-wayne selina-kyle social)

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