The Avengers

The Avengers

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Faction Type: Team Faction
OOC Contacts: Staff
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Headquarters: The Avenger's Mansion (NYC, New York)
Theme: The Avengers were an initiative started by SHIELD in an effort to bring together a group of superheroes that could fight the foes that no single superhero could take on alone, the large threats that required a team of super powered people to defeat, control, or contain. Throughout time, The Avengers' membership has changed and some members have come and gone, but that one fact remains, that their purpose is to protect against the sort of high level threats that require their particular combined expertise. It is not uncommon for Avengers to also hold SHIELD membership.

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2020-07-02 - Cyberian, Here We Come
Summary: RESCUE reaches out to the Avengers for help. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Thu Jul 2...
(avengers carol-danvers cyga domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki io-niven martin-almer plot rescue toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2019-11-10 - A Penny For Your Thoughts
Summary: Natasha finds a concerned looking Thor in the Avengers' Mansion, and tries to find the...
(avengers black-widow social steve-rogers thor)

2019-08-30 - working out
Summary: Nat happens by the rare sight of Tony at the Avengers gym. Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(avengers black-widow social tony-stark)

2019-07-28 - Welcome Back Spar
Summary: With Clint Barton back from an assignment in Europe, he meets Natasha for their traditional...
(avengers black-widow clint-barton greer-nelson social)

2019-06-30 - A Wakandan Interest
Summary: Shuri, Ambassador of Wakanda to the USA meets with Natasha of the Avengers to discuss a...
(avengers black-widow shuri social)

2019-05-13 - Warming Up
Summary: Warming up for weapon's practice with Lady Sif. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon May...
(asgard avengers bucky kai sif social steve-rogers)

2019-04-26 - That's Why They Call Him Iron Man
Summary: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, and Tony Stark talk shop over their various workouts. Log...
(avengers black-widow social steve-rogers tony-stark)

2019-04-24 - Cartels Are Magic
Summary: Batman meets up with Black Widow to bring the Avengers up to speed on development with the...
(avengers black-widow bruce-wayne plot rule)

2019-04-14 - A Dubious Offer
Summary: Loki offers to join the Avengers. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun Apr 14 18:19:03...
(asgardians avengers baldur loki social steve-rogers)

2019-04-11 - Bad News for El Golfo
Summary: Natasha gets back to Avengers Mansion after some SHIELD outings, Tigra updates the team...
(avengers black-widow greer-nelson social steve-rogers thor)

2019-03-26 - Harboring Resentment
Summary: A giant otherworldly squid jsut attacked the Red Hook Docks! Well now we know what happened...
(adam avengers carol-danvers consortium constantine halgrim harbor jennifer-walters mack-linden plot ray-terrill)

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