Faction Type: Team Faction
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Headquarters: Triskelion on Governor's Island (SHIELD), Orbital Station (SWORD), TBD (WAND)

SHIELD: An espionage, anti-terrorism, and covert-operations organization that was first funded by the U.S. Government and later received backing from the United Nations — SHIELD operates out of a number of satellite offices around the world. Its main headquarters is located in the Triskelion on Governor's Island in New York. Its two subdivisions, SWORD and WAND, were likewise given support and funding by the United Nations in 2010, with the construction of an orbital station supported by SWORD having begun in 2018.

SHIELD interests itself not only with strategic intervention, but with research and development, particularly where it comes to threats outside of the human norm. There is a significant scientific division within SHIELD that designs and develops technology on Earth as well as that used in the orbital station.

SWORD: The branch of SHIELD that essentially serves as Customs and Immigration for extra-terrestrial beings coming to Earth either to visit or to stay. The orbital station serves as a gateway for those who wish to visit on earth. Travelers are screened and vetted and kept track of, much like in Men in Black. An embassy exists on the station for extraterrestrial visitors.

WAND: The branch of SHIELD that concerns itself with interdimensional travel and beings that works closely with local Mystics to resolve incidents that may impact earth, and with beings of an interdimensional nature. They have their own small headquarters in the area from which they operate (TBD).


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SHIELD is the overarching organization which also has two subdivisions: SWORD and WAND. Characters belonging to any of these organizations should tag themselves as "shield" and will fall under the SHIELD umbrella.

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2020-02-23 - Dealing With Magic
Summary: Natasha and Chris discuss the aggravation at having to wait on W.A.N.D. while Natasha...
(black-widow christopher-powell shield social)

2020-01-11 - So About That Trap
Summary: Morning at Sarah's apartment, as she and Pris catch up. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(equinox priscilla-kitaen sarah-black sb shield social voodoo wand)

2019-12-16 - SHIELD Study Hall
Summary: Dylan runs into Helena in the cafeteria. They eat. And talk. Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(dylan-grey helena-wayne shield social)

2019-12-15 - Uncooperative Fuzzy Patient
Summary: Lexi and Laynia struggle to treat and save Amur Khatun, and contact Thea for her help with...
(althea-harman amur-khatun darkstar klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna lexi-haze okhotnik plot pride razors river shield tendril thea whiplash)

2019-10-16 - Who Is Miles Morales
Summary: Black Widow and Captain Marvel dispatch on a SHIELD call, they wound up introduced to a new...
(black-widow carol-danvers miles-morales shield social)

2019-08-21 - Teambuilding: A shot in the dark!
Summary: Darkforce power trials - Archery style! Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Aug 21...
(clint-barton laynia-petrovna shield social)

2019-08-16 - An Unlikely Reunion
Summary: Natasha is having a relatively normal day at the Triskelion when she spots a familiar face,...
(black-widow jemma-simmons laynia-petrovna plot shield viralweapon)

2019-07-16 - A Monster Hunt
Summary: Nicholas Sikorsky liked to deal in trafficking, he had enough money to get away every time....
(black-widow michelle-morbius shield social)

2019-06-11 - Resumes and Chips
Summary: Thea and Thor meet for snacks at SHIELD. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue Jun 11...
(shield social thea thor)

2019-05-15 - An Interview With The Alien
Summary: Starfire is called for an interview with SHIELD as a known alien entity on Earth, Natasha...
(black-widow koriandr shield social)

2019-04-27 - Steve and the Silvertongue
Summary: Loki talks his way out of prison. Steve is a good guy Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(loki plot shield steve-rogers)

2019-04-15 - Stalking Mission
Summary: Clint and Ian run into JP while training Log Info: Storyteller: NA Date: 04/15/2019...
(clint constantine ian shield social)

2019-04-10 - He Who Makes a Beast of Himself...
Summary: A search party travels to Grayhawk Island to locate the missing Cypher. Log Info:...
(dani-moonstar douglas-ramsey jean-grey lorna-dane plot sam-guthrie sarah-black shield xmen)

2019-04-09 - Man in the Box
Summary: Bobbi and Leo visit SHIELD's pet intruder to get some answers and offer up some help Log...
(bobbi-morse leo-fitz ray-terrill shield social)

2019-04-07 - One, Two, Kree.
Summary: Carol and Noh-Varr run into each other in SHIELD HQ. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun...
(carol-danvers noh-varr shield social)

2019-04-07 - Incoming, Meatball Special!
Summary: It's all fun and games returning to work at SHIELD HQ until someone busts into your lab...
(bobbi-morse leo-fitz noh-varr ray-terrill shield social)

2019-03-20 - In That Place We Put That Thing That Time
Summary: JP gives Clint a call for aid while laying low from SHIELD. Hawkward-er. Log Info:...
(clint jp shield social)

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