Legion of Monsters

Legion of Monsters

The things that go bump in the night might be there to save your life.
Faction Type: Racial/Homeland faction
OOC Contacts: Staff
IC Contacts: Staff
Headquarters: Monster Metropolis - Refuge for monsters far below New York's streets reachable through the subway's abandoned tunnels.
Theme: A group of benevolent monsters dedicated to protecting other misunderstood monsters from any threat, human or otherwise. There are those, created with amazing gifts at a terrible cost and generally don't pass into mortal society. They can with difficulty, but there is always the risk and the stigmas. Widely they helped found Monster Metropolis far below New York, below the subways, and in a place where those so very different can carve out an existence and a society. It's not without dangers as Molemen, Morlocks, and other neighbors often have other ideas. Now, even Monsters have their own heroes.

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addcom mo=Monsters

Monster Metropolis is not the only area they patrol, and will protect surface NYC as well.

Applications: Canon factions are always open to applications.
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