Inhumans by Nick Bradshaw
Faction Type: Racial/Homeland Faction
OOC Contacts: Staff
IC Contacts: (None at this time)
Headquarters: Attilan (On Earth's Moon)
Theme: After Black Bolt's plan was successful in creating an elaborately plotted conflict resulting in the destruction of Attilan in the Himalayas, the Inhumans settled into the new Attilan on Earth's moon. In the meantime, terrigen on earth began to create new Inhumans. Some of those were exposed to terrigen that had been contained beneath New York during the Sentinel attacks that left a wide swath of destruction in the city. Several new Inhumans came about as a result. Now, the Inhumans are seeking to make contact with their people on Earth while dealing with the limited resources at their disposal on the moon.

To have your character page and logs show up under this faction, use the "inhumans" tag.

OC Inhumans who were created through the terrigen released during the Sentinels attack on New York should talk to Clockwork for details.

Applications: Canon factions are always open to applications.


2019-04-07 - Arrival of Maximus
Summary: Maximus escapes from moon prison at last, Kaleb is there to pick him up Log Info:...
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