Consortium Arcana

Consortium Arcana

Arcane Magics
Faction Type: Social Faction
OOC Contacts: Staff
IC Contacts: (None at this time)
Headquarters: The Oblivion Bar (Pocket Dimension)

The Consortium Arcana is a community and network of Wizards, Mages, Sorcerers, and other practitioners of the arcane who have come together to share information and assist one another in matters both mystical and interdimensional. Members come from various mystical orders or may be solitary practitioners. There is no hierarchy within the Consortium, and no member has any more power over the organization than any other. There is a certain degree of etiquette that is expected between its members.

There are several known places that are associated with the Consortium, but their headquarters is The Oblivion Bar, located in a pocket dimension which can be accessed either via one's own mode of interdimensional travel, or via several fixed anchored portals which those possessing the arcane arts can see and utilize. The Oblivion Bar is considered neutral ground and no offensive magics may be used on fellow patrons within its confines.

Other privately owned places include the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York, as well as the one in London and Hong Kong, and the House of Mysteries which deals primarily with the activities of Hell dimensions and their particular flavor of interdimensional beings.


To have your character page and logs show up under this faction, use the "consortium" tag.

PCs who wish to open their own locations to add to the network may do so with Staff approval.

Applications: This is an open Staff-run faction which is always open to applications for characters which have been approved to have magic potential at character generation.
Mistress of Magic


2019-03-26 - Harboring Resentment
Summary: A giant otherworldly squid jsut attacked the Red Hook Docks! Well now we know what happened...
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