Unknown as Dr. Veronica Anne Kelsey
Name: Dr. Veronica Anne Kelsey
Codename: Augmenta
Faction: RESCUE
Position: Wheels
Age: 35
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Build: Petite Muscled
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Short brown
Eyes: Brown


  • March 7th 1984 - Veronica Anne Kelsey born to Dr. Darren Michael Kelsey and Erin Elizabeth Kelsey.
  • Well to do parents granted their daughter a happy, healthy young life and top-notch education for the very bright girl.
  • Collateral damage during a supervillain attack - August 17th 1995 - largely destroys their vehicle on the highway. Only Veronica is rescued, and her injuries result in paraplegic paralysis.
  • Veronica is taken in by her father's sister, Aunt Susan Adara Kelsey Drake and her husband, Michael Allen Drake as her guardians.
  • Veronica adapts as best she can, devoting much of her time and effort to increasing her already significant studies and education.
  • Veronica completes credits for high school graduation in June of 2000 and is accepted into Columbia University on an accelerated course of Biology and Chemistry with a specialty in Biophysics.
  • Veronica begins her ideas for technology to compensate for or overcome her own limitations, and those of others, at the same time, and founds Cybernetics Unlimited Engineering, Inc. (CUE) using funds from parents' estates.
  • Veronica accepted as a joint MD/PhD candidate to the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in August of 2003. She completed her MD in 2005, and completed her PhD in Biophysics while working on her residency as an orthopedic and trauma surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
  • Veronica's personal research developed her first-generation neural-interface and exoframe as part of the completion of her PhD dissertation and defense.
  • Veronica achieved a DARPA grant and funding for a project rehabilitating soldiers with lost limbs and paralysis with the intent of returning those service members to active field combat duty status.
  • CUE became Veronica's main employment, but maintained privileges and worked medial duty when and as needed.
  • Veronica and her team originally develop advanced prosthetics, and then progress to integrated cybernetic replacements. Initial successes were followed with repeated issues with psychological issues, rejection and immunological problems.
  • With initial phases successes, DARPA began pushing for the inclusion of enhancements in the cybernetics, with capabilities beyond human levels and inclusion of weapons systems.
  • Highly resistant to the inclusion of weapons, Veronica develops her own non- and less-lethal alternative weapons systems with her teams, as well as bio-force multiplier systems.
  • As a testbed for this technology, Veronica develops a significant upgrade to her mobility exoframe, calling it her Augmenta armor.
  • Following The Incident in late 2014, with the ending of Sentinel deployments DARPA reiterates the need for more advanced, powerful and deadly weapons systems.
  • Veronica makes contact with brilliant Toni Ho, and together they work to eventually integrate their companies into a new whole, RESCUE. They also integrate their technologies together into the projects, including materials improvements for the Augmenta armor and improved weapons and computer systems.
  • One of the latest batch of recruits stands out from the others, managing to surpass most of her compatriots in various tests and metrics, and maintaining physical, medical and psychological stability where others have failed.
  • While helping and supporting this subject and improving the designs for the cybernetics, Veronica worked with Toni to improve and eventually field the Augmenta armor, not just as a testbed platform, but in limited field operations for search and rescue and critical incident response.
  • Eventually, their latest still-stable subject managed to requalify for active duty, although certain bureaucracy prevented reintegration with standard military forces. Rather than taking up a teaching and training position, the subject opted for a temporary assignment duty detached to work directly for RESCUE in their development of their Overwatch program for critical incident response, and serve to join the NYPD's PCB unit. RESCUE would continue to support their tech, and supply declassified versions of their technology to the PCB, FEMA, and other agencies.


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