Alexis Knapp as Althea Harman
Name: Althea Harman
Codename: River
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 21
Hometown: New York, NY
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slender feminine
Skin: fair
Hair: Blonde (natural) Varies (coloring/wigs)
Eyes: Hazel


Althea Harman was an accident- a father in his first year of law, her mother in her junior year of college. Mom didn't want an abortion, Dad didn't want to get married or be tied down. Dad went to his father, and got Althea's mother Callie a chunk of money so she could have the child and raise it with some semblence of normalcy. Callie's Greek Orthodox family was less than pleased, and while they did not ostracize her completely, she was not welcomed warmly to most family events, and eventually stopped going, sending Thea alone. Thea grew up speaking Greek alongside English, so she ended up hanging around her grandfather's restaurant to translate from a very young age.
When Thea was in the third grade, her father Daniel decided he wanted to get into the poltical area. At the behest of the PR consultant for his campaign, he went to Callie, and again offered her money to quietly sign over custody. Thea was the perfect note for his campaign, his earlier mistakes, bringing her to live with him and his new, blonde wife and their toddler son Daniel Jr . She was enrolled in a private school, and given tutors to get her ready for more accelerated learning. She started French in fourth grade, and was fluent by middle school. Thea skipped seventh grade thanks to her after school tutors, getting straight As. Once in high school, Thea diverged from most of her female friends, taking more interest in math and science. Still she kept up with her after school activities of cheerleading, and her father's insisted upon debate club. At fifteen, already a junior, Thea's mutation manifested when her birth mother passed away suddenly from a car accident. The girl, already distraught, was wreaking havoc with the bodies of those around her, only making her more so.
Daniel went to his PR consultant, having no idea how to handle a mutant daughter with uncontrolled powers when his re-election was looming. The PR consultant, Ram, said he had an uncle who was a mutant, and would take Thea to teach her control - for a fairly exorbitant fee. Daniel agreed, and Thea was packed off on a plane in the middle of the night to the middle East. Ram's uncle Avi was a mutant, a low level pyrokinetic, who ran a small compound full of mutants. For a girl from a fairly relaxed, rich life, it was a abrupt awakening. She was woken early in the morning, there were chores, and regimentated days. Power control, exercise that ran heavy into self-defense early on, and into offense more and more as months passed. Evenings after the dinner hour were for keeping up with her schooling until she passed the G.E.D. test. She learned Hebrew and Arabic in order to be able to converse with the majority of people around the compound, or in the nearest city when she was allowed to go. It was two years in, several months shy of her eighteenth birthday, that Avi dressed her up with a fancy dress and a brunette wig , and took her to a party. Rather than something to enjoy, he was constantly whispering in her ear, demanding to know about physicalities of other people - who had a weak heart, who was on drugs, so on and so on.
That was Thea's first step beyond a simple schoolgirl, and into the life of covert information gathering. From there it slowly escalated, as Avi isolated her more and more, moving her away from the compound to a small house miles away from anywhere. He took over the whole of her training himself, her only conduit to the outside world. So when he asked her a favor, she eagerly agreed, as it would get her out of the isolated home. That favor was her first strike - making a man beg for mercy, spilling his secrets without leaving a mark. The next time, she sent a man to the hospital. The time after that, the morgue. It was only when Avi sent her to assassinate a man, and she saw him with his child in his arms, that Thea realized she was being used. So she used her powers, sending the man to the hospital before returning to the home Avi kept her in. She spun a story about being interuppted, and that she would try again. Instead, she waited to Avi to leave, and gathered her things. She marched for miles before hitching a ride, and vanished. She had her grandfather wire her money to an account, and disappeared for a year to live in hiding to give Avi time to get over his temper, and realize that she meant it when she'd written him that she would kill him if he came after her or hers.
Now, back in her own apartment in New York, Thea is deciding what path she wants her own life to take. She knows how to kill with her powers, she knows how to heal. Which will win out?


Owl City - Bombshell Blonde
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