Black Panther

Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa
Name: T'Challa
Codename: Black Panther
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 30
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic
Skin: Dark
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


T'Challa was born to the royal house of Wakanda and grew up fully expecting to take the kingship and become the champion of his nation: The Black Panther. He underwent the rigors of preparation and the ceremony of the heart shaped herb. When his father died in his early teens, the kingdom was held in trust by a regent and the queen mother. All was as it should be.
The young prince succeeded to the throne and despite some bumps on the way - some of them rather large - he grew into his role. Wakanda was prosperous. It's place in the world secure. The secrets of it's national treasures and technology were safe. And with T'Challa as their champion - they would remain so.

It was not to be. Eighteen months ago a series of paranormal disturbances broke the peace of Wakanda's capital city and forced its monarch to confront the mysteries of Wakanda's distant past and the Panther Goddess they revered. The incident led to T'Challa delving deeply into the Necropolis below the city, dealing with the unquiet dead and finding himself in the middle of a spat between his kingdom's protector goddess and a rival. Disaster was averted, but it was a near thing. When all was said and done, the Panther goddess decreed that the Necropolis must have a king to watch over it, and raised up T'Challa as the King of the Dead. Since the Lord of the Dead must attend to their concerns and cannot rule the living, care of the kingdom was quietly remanded back to the regent and queen mother for fear of igniting a succession crisis and it has remained there for the past year.

T'Challa himself spent increasing amounts of time in the Necropolis, learning his duties and the dangers that came with them. Recently, events across the sea have rocked the realms invisible and the Panther Goddess has called for her champion to intervene amid portents of doom not only for the West, but for Wakanda as well. T'Challa has answered, though his dreams and the whispers of the restless dead tell him that a time of trials and endings is upon them. One that will test not only Wakanda and her people - both living and dead - but the entire world.



2020-08-15 - You're Invited To Dinner
Summary: A trip to Wakanda Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Aug 15 07:50:39 2020 Location:...
(mari-mccabe plot tchalla)

2020-08-03 - Research and Other Such Matters
Summary: Spider-Man gets to meet T'Challa and finds out more about the drugs that were found in the...
(mari-mccabe peter-parker plot spirit-of-anansi tchalla)

2020-07-16 - Work Out
Summary: A workout for T'Challa and Mari and more planning Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Thu Jul...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi tchalla)

2020-07-01 - King Of Sharks
Summary: An underwater expedition Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Jul 1 08:25:49 2020...
(mari-mccabe plot shayera-hol spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-06-22 - Dancing Queen
Summary: Mari investigates Hammer Bay and Discovers Dancing? Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon...
(mari-mccabe plot tchalla)

2020-06-08 - More Intel
Summary: Things are suspect in Genosha and a diving expedition is planned. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-06-01 - Stealth Vixen
Summary: T'Challa shows Mari some of Wakanda's tech and they discuss how to further their aims in...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi tchalla)

2020-05-25 - That Tickles
Summary: Steve and Shay infiltrate a facility in Genosha Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon May...
(mari-mccabe plot shayera-hol spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-05-18 - Scandals Abound
Summary: T'Challa and Mari set up false trails with the Genoshan Elite Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-on-anansi tchalla)

2020-05-17 - Diplomatic Relations
Summary: Arriving in Genosha, Shayera, Steve, T'Challa and Mari prepare Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(mari-mccabe plot shayera-hol spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-05-04 - Galaclysm part 2
Summary: Gala celebration of the new Horizon Academy assaulted by parties unknown - mercs and...
(anon cyga emma-frost mari-mccabe peter-parker plot priscilla-kitaen tchalla)

2020-05-03 - Vixen Was Here
Summary: A disturbance and a discovery Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: May 3, 2020 Location: The...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi tchalla)

2020-05-03 - Insy Wincey Spider
Summary: Another night in the zone, another interesting incident Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(mari-mccabe peter-parker plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-04-23 - Meeting Paula
Summary: Mari and T'Challa deliver the news about Zemo Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Thu Apr 23...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla tony-stark)

2020-04-21 - Jail Break
Summary: A jail break and jell-o wrestling Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue Apr 21 03:46:16...
(jesana mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi tchalla)

2020-04-20 - Security Vetted
Summary: Mari's Security Check with Wakanda comes through Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon Apr...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi tchalla)

2020-04-15 - Morphogenic Attack Slinky
Summary: A visit to see Zemo reveals some interesting information and a Tortie-May Log Info:...
(mari-mccabe melinda-may plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-04-12 - Getting Zemo
Summary: A trip to Canada is resumed Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun Apr 12 20:10:04 2020...
(mari-mccabe plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-04-09 - A Lamentable Lack of Flamethrowers
Summary: Chance encounter turns into freak attack by impossible bug swarm. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(hank-mccoy jesana mari-mccabe martin-almer plot social tchalla)

2020-04-03 - Thank The Goddess
Summary: T'Challa always has a plan - this time it involves a surprise for his travelling...
(mari-mccabe melinda-may plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

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