Katheryn Winnick as Princess Sigyn of Asgard
Name: Princess Sigyn of Asgard
Codename: Sigyn
Faction: N/A
Position: Goddess of Fidelity
Age: 2973
Hometown: Asgard
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Build: tall and slender
Skin: fair, creamy complexion
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue


Lady Sigyn was born to a minor Asgardian noble house and had a normal childhood for a girl of her class. Her parents arranged her marriage to a member of the Allfather's guard and Sigyn was content in the match. Her fiance was no worse than any other Asgardian man, and better than most. Politically it was a match that was good for them both, and if he took her a bit for granted, well, so did her parents.

A few months before the wedding, however, her fiance changed. He began talking to her, paying attention to her, and the two fell more deeply in love. Married by the Allfather himself, her fiance then revealed himself to be Loki in disguise, her actual fiance having died months before and Loki taking his place. When the Allfather declared that not even he could annul the marriage, Sigyn announced she would be true to her vows and the Allfather pronounced her the goddess of fidelity.

Behind closed doors things weren't resolved quite so easily. Sigyn's feelings towards Loki were deeply conflicted and Loki's nature as the God of lies meant that her attempts at polite fictions were an utter failure. Marriage taught Sigyn more about herself however, including the fact that she could be incredibly stubborn. She was determined to be a proper wife to Loki, including following him into exile. And if she was uncertain if her love for Loki was real when he tricked her into marrying him, with the centuries she did truly fall in love with him.

Which made it ironic when Loki decided that their marriage was an unfair burden on her. He attempted to release her from her vows, and she refused. Asgard praised her fidelity, but Sigyn felt it was more stubbornness. She had decided that she wanted Loki, and it was unfair for him to decide he no longer wanted her.

Their marriage continues to be an uneasy thing. Loki sometimes seems to run towards her, at others seems to run away. She doesn't know how to explain that the Asgardian court has come try her patience far more than Loki's wandering does. Sigyn will show up when Loki is living as himself, and try to take care of him to varying degrees of success, and often they're happy for a while. But whether it's a few weeks or a few decades, something inevitably goes wrong. Loki will go into hiding or vanish for a prank. He'll be ordered to stay in Asgard or ordered to not darken its doorstep.
It doesn't matter to Sigyn. She'll find her husband sooner or later, forgive him and try to help Loki put his life back together again.

She's stubborn like that.

(OOC Note:This background was approved by Loki's player before applying)



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