Emily Ratajkowski as Sarah Black
Name: Sarah Black
Codename: Equinox
Faction: SHIELD (WAND Division), Consortium Arcana
Position: Agent of MI-13, seconded to WAND/New York
Age: 24
Hometown: London, UK
Gender: Female
Height: 170cm (5'7")
Build: Fit & Curvy
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown


21 March 1995

The night of the equinox always brought with it a bit of chaos. Every hedge wizard, self-taught witch, and other amateur conjurer seemed to think it was their duty (or at least a good excuse) to light candles, draw circles, and make a mess of the thaumaturgical landscape with their petty and half-arsed workings. It often made for an interesting night, but it was seldom truly dangerous.

But this, this was different. The Dover watchtower had picked up a Class III magical disturbance, off in a nearby village, at 2:14 GMT, the actual moment of the equinox.

When they arrived on the scene, the MI-13 response team had found that the excitement was essentially over, but the cleanup was only beginning. In an outbuilding behind a perfectly ordinary house, a ritual — or at the very least, an attempt at one — had evidently taken place. By the look of it, it had not gone according to plan. Before a makeshift altar, a charred human skeleton had collapsed to the ground, the ritual's celebrant apparently having been incinerated where she stood.

And upon the altar, where one might expect a sacrifice to be placed, lay a perfectly healthy baby girl.


Three things were soon determined. One, the baby was, as the agents who found her had surmised, a newborn, less than a day old. Two, DNA testing on what tissue could be recovered from the charred remains verified that the dead woman was, in fact, the child's mother. And three, whatever the ritual had been intended to do, its actual result had been to imbue the baby with a substantial quantity of infernal energy.

Apparently. the mother's attempt to sacrifice her newborn daughter for whatever purpose had gone badly sideways.

The dead woman's identity, on the other hand, proved more difficult to ascertain. The property where the ritual had taken place had been rented under a false name, and the trail rapidly went cold from there. According to all reports, the woman had lived there alone, and had had very little contact with her neighbors. Locating the father, grandparents, or other kin of the baby appeared to be at a dead end.

Adoption & Childhood

The agency was now faced with the dilemma of just what to do with a baby not only roiling with demonic energy, but also possessing a high degree of magical potential. The solution came with the orphaned child's adoption by Ian and Amanda Black, former field agents now working in HQ's administrative section. The Blacks named the child Sarah and raised her as the younger sister of their biological son, Simon.

As she grew, young Sarah proved to be exceptionally bright and inquisitive, taking well to her studies both mundane and magical. Her psyche appeared to be unaffected by the dark energies within her — She was a cheerful, loving, good-hearted child, given to kindness and with a delightfully playful sense of humor. Those energies found expression instead, it seemed, through Sarah's physical self — The inevitable minor to moderate injuries of childhood healed quickly, without ever leaving a mark. She was seldom sick, and when she did become ill, it never lasted long — and by the time she had reached her teens, she hardly seemed to become sick at all.


Agent Simon Black seconded by MI-13 to the newly-formed WAND division of SHIELD, which is recruiting from many nations' supernaturally-inclined agencies.


By the time she was 18, Sarah had matured into a stunning young woman, and chose, to no one's surprise, to follow her parents' and her brother's example and enter training as an agent of Her Majesty's Mystical Service.

12 December 2014

During the attack on the UN, Simon Black perishes while holding open a portal that enabled most of the British delegation and dozens of others to escape the destruction.

March 2019

MI-13 Agent Sarah Black seconded to WAND in New York, following in her brother's footsteps.


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