Iskra Lawrence as Saoirse Aoife Flynn
Name: Saoirse Aoife Flynn
Codename: Saoirse
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 20
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Build: Curvy
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: blue


Early Life
Saoirse was born to Matthew Wheeler and Abigail Flynn. Matthew was a pioneer in nanotechnology and engineering and Abigail Flynn was a reknown doctor in rural Ireland. Michelle was born first and Saorse came several years later. Saoirse was born with severe disabilities and required near constant care. The family was dealt a second blow as several years later they found that Michelle had a severe case of cancer that had spread to most of her limbs when she was 8. Matthew turned to the private sector and a company called National Robotics that worked primarily with the US military in research and development for the resources and funding needing try to save Michelle. He set up a rudimentary system to keep Michelle's cancer at bay however it came with a cost - her limbs were severed and replaced with inorganic robotics. Matthew was an ingenious inventor and Abigail was intensely religious. This action brought intense dischord within the marriage to the point that there was a seperation with Saoirse living in Ireland with her mother and Michelle staiying in the US with her father.

Saoirse was a special child and found to have severe physical and mental defects and unable to care for herself or interact much with her surroundings. So as her parents home life deteriorated with questions of if they did the right thing with Michelle Saoirse simply did not understand. Barely able to have coherant thought she expressed emotions at best. Michelle became a public face for National Robotics and what was possible with advanced robotics. She was a research subject that became a heroic face after her limbs were replaced with robotics and her body modified with rudimentary nanotechnology. Often working with military research contracts and tests Michelle became Bionic Girl and became quite famous with modeling contracts, spokesperson contracts, as well as talking with news people and bloggers. Even as Michelle grew she loved and cherished her little sister and always relished the opportunity to visit her. Michelle would dote upon Saoirse as thier parents relationship deteriorated. Abigail chaneged Saoirse's name to her maiden name of Flynn in her disdain for what Matthew had done to Michelle calling it unnatural. She loved her daughter but couldn't stand what she had become.

Work in progress



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2019-12-15 - Are you going to eat that?
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2019-12-14 - That's a Gundam
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2019-12-13 - Babbling on the Beach
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2019-12-10 - No Touching!
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