Scarlett Leithold as Rebecca Lynn Gadison
Name: Rebecca Lynn Gadison
Codename: G
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 18
Hometown: McKinney, Texas, USA
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Build: Sleek/Toned
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


In the beginning…

Rebecca Lynn Gadison (a.k.a. "Becca") was born and raised in one of the semi-affluent suburbs of a larger Texas city, the sort of town where the high school football team has a stadium that puts those of smaller colleges to shame and being on the cheer/dance team is the social and popularity pinnacle for the female students of said school. She was an only child, due to pregnancy/birthing complications that led to her mother being unable to have further children.

Her parents, George and Tammy, themselves high school sweethearts from a smaller, very politically conservative West Texas town, had settled in the area after George completed college and found work there. They brought their beliefs with them, adhering to the outlook they had been raised with despite the (relatively) more progressive attitudes of their neighbors and co-workers. From time to time, particularly when he was angry, had been drinking, or both, Becca's father made no secret of the fact that he would have much preferred to be raising a son instead of a daughter, and that he held it against Becca that her mother wasn't able to give him one. Both of her parents were also not particularly subtle with their feelings about mutants, LGBTQ individuals, or to a lesser extent, other minorities or those who believed differently from them.

Powers? Wait, what, I have powers?

One afternoon when Becca was 14, and home by herself after school, she tripped and fell while walking into the kitchen. Or more accurately, she tripped, and then stopped falling, finding herself hovering about a foot above the linoleum. Her powers, unknown to her before that moment, had kicked in reflexively. After a few minutes of panic — not the least of which was because she could not figure out at first how to stop hovering above the floor — Becca got herself under control, though not without a lot of fear and confusion.

What had just happened? That was surely unnatural — Could she, somehow, be one of those "dirty muties" her father liked to rail about? She didn't feel like she was suddenly evil, and she was pretty certain she hadn't made any deals with the Devil…

After learning of her powers, Becca was, understandably, very careful to keep them a secret. But she also could not resist her curiosity, and so when she was alone, she experimented, gradually learning more of the nature of her abilities and what they enabled her to do.

Secrets within secrets, and no one to tell

By the time she was halfway through high school, Becca became aware of something else disquieting about herself, in terms of the worldview expressed by her parents. She knew she was attracted to boys. She had been dating them since junior high school, and she very much enjoyed being with them, including the more physical aspects. But now she found her head also being turned (or was finally admitting it to herself that it was) by girls, particularly by some of her beautiful teammates on the cheer/dance squad. Feeling shame, she kept this to herself, praying over it and wondering what she had done wrong to be like this.

She couldn't hold it in forever, though, and one day a few weeks after graduation, when her friend and former teammate Milena had come over to swim and hang out, she confessed her forbidden attractions — both in general, and to her tall, athletic Latina friend.

"I know, chica," Milena had said, smiling and blushing. "I have seen how you look at me. And I like it."

Which might have led to a new and better chapter in Becca's young life…

The end, and the beginning

…if not for Becca's father coming home much earlier than expected and discovering his daughter and her friend entwined on a lounger by the pool.

The scene that ensued was, unsurprisingly, ugly. The invective streaming from Becca's father does not bear repeating, but included all of the slurs and insults that he could think of, heaped upon his daughter and her friend, at one point including, "…and with a Mexican?" (Never mind that Milena's heritage was Brazilian, and her family spoke Portuguese, not Spanish.) Milena fled, honestly fearing for her life.

Finally, in a rage, George Gadison did something he had never done before — He hit his daughter, slapping her hard across the face, while screaming about how ashamed he was of her, and that she was no longer welcome in his home.

And a moment later he found himself slammed back against the wall of the house by unseen forces and pinned there. And Becca stood there, her bawling turned to her own anger at her father having struck her. "Well guess what, Daddy? If you really want to be ashamed of me, your 'filthy queer' daughter is a mutant, too!" And she stormed into the house and started packing.


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