No PB as Marie Ava Posey Nee Copburn
Name: Marie Ava Posey Nee Copburn
Codename: Posse
Faction: RESCUE
Position: Chief of Security
Age: 36
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Build: Muscular
Skin: Brown
Hair: White
Eyes: Green


Abandoned at birth, Posse's life began as a rudderless struggle just to keep up. Bounced between foster homes, never permanently adopted, and an under-performer in school, she enlisted into the US Army upon coming of age and, after a harsh beginning in basic training, found the family and purpose she'd been searching for.
In time Posse came to excel as a soldier and over the next few years found both her biological families using DNA testing - a mother who wants nothing to do with her and a father with whom she slowly rebuilt a positive if sometimes awkward relationship, and from whom she took her now-iconic surname.
After making the leap into special operations, Posse joined the Army Rangers and served meritoriously for over a decade until the UN attack in 2014 reassigned her unit to NYC to help enforce martial law and quell the chaos. During this peacekeeping Posse's helicopter was shot down by a stray sentinel beam and she was badly injured - almost killed. Waking up as an amputee in a hospital bed to the beginning of a long and painful rehab process, she was saved from permanent retirement by an offer to join an experimental cybernetics program run by the company RESCUE.
Posse readily accepted and at the cost of years of blood, sweat, surgery, and tears (though she might not admit how many), the rebuilt cyborg emerged as a rare success - not only fully mobile but more combat effective than ever. Due to the unfamiliar nature and maintenance needs of Posse's highly specialized hardware she remained barred her from military re-enlisting in a combat role, so the rejuvenated operator was turned to RESCUE's Overwatch program for critical incident response. As an Overwatch member she's been assigned on temporary duty to the Powered Crime Bureau (PCB) of the NYPD, which she now serves.



2020-08-09 - Spotless
Summary: What good is having fancy tech if you can't use it for virtual tattoo tours? Log Info:...
(domino posse social)

2020-07-31 - Now You See me
Summary: Time to test Posse's onboard holographic systems. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Fri Jul...
(domino martin-almer posse rescue social veronica-kelsey)

2020-07-19 - Thai Food Catchup
Summary: Ava and Roni show up to check on Toni and catch up with her. Discussions of RESCUE's...
(cyga hank-mccoy posse rescue social toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-07-19 - Only Slightly Compromised
Summary: RESCUE recruits the services of Emma Frost to help remove conditioning implanted by the...
(domino emma-frost martin-almer posse social veronica-kelsey)

2020-07-13 - Gettin' Kitty With It
Summary: Domino, a hellcat, and Project programming duke it out while Posse tries to figure out WTF...
(domino posse social)

2020-07-12 - Friendly RESCUE Grapple
Summary: Hisako and Posse meet in the gym and do some light sparring together. Log Info:...
(hisako-ichiki posse social)

2020-07-12 - Cyberian Reopening Extravaganza
Summary: RESCUE, their Avengers allies and SHIELD finally make their move against the Cyberian. Log...
(carol-danvers cyga domino hank-mccoy io-niven martin-almer nadia-van-dyne pietro-maximoff plot posse rescue toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-07-06 - Sharpshooter Tricks
Summary: Posse and Domino kidnap the Hunter for a day at an outdoor range. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(domino klavdiya-vasiliev posse social)

2020-07-03 - Adopted Family
Summary: Another trip down memory lane between two soldiers. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Fri...
(domino posse social)

2020-07-02 - Credentialsless Spot
Summary: RESCUE puts its heads together to solve an albino's paperwork problem. Log Info:...
(domino io-niven posse social toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-06-27 - Shuttle Run
Summary: Team-building at the RESCUE gym. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Jun 27 17:21:18 2020...
(domino posse social veronica-kelsey)

2020-06-21 - You had me at super-loose use-whatever..
Summary: Posse and Martin share a table over lunch and get to know one another a little. Log Info:...
(martin-almer posse social)

2020-06-14 - Language Barrier
Summary: Posse comes to Mutant Town to find the Hunter. They need to talk. Of course talking to the...
(klavdiya-vasiliev posse pride rescue social)

2020-06-07 - Finding a Private Dancer
Summary: Posse visits an exotic dance club trying to make some private arrangements for a special...
(posse priscilla-kitaen rescue social)

2020-06-06 - There Can Be Only One!
Summary: Ava and Veronica have some difficult conversations about the future of RESCUE and REACT....
(posse rescue social veronica-kelsey)

2020-06-03 - Albinterrogation
Summary: It's all one big misunderstanding, right? It's probably all one big misunderstanding. Log...
(domino martin-almer posse social toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-05-31 - AIMterrogation
Summary: Six AIM agents and two armored trucks may hold some answers, though all may not be as it...
(domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki io-niven martin-almer plot posse veronica-kelsey)

2020-06-07 - B-Day Bombshell
Summary: This birthday's not lacking for a surprise. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun June 07...
(domino posse priscilla-kitaen social)

2020-05-23 - AIMing for Answers
Summary: RESCUE and a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man band together to intercept an AIM convoy. Log...
(domino hank-mccoy martin-almer peter-parker plot posse veronica-kelsey)

2020-05-18 - Deus Ex Blitznip
Summary: Hank's efforts to create an alternative food source for Domino's Hellkitty blows up in his...
(domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki martin-almer posse social toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

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