No PB as Nadia Van Dyne
Name: Nadia Van Dyne
Codename: Wasp
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 18
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Build: Petite with a dancers build.
Skin: Caucasian with a pale complexion.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue


Growing up Nadia never knew her parents, her mother was captured by agents of The Red Room while she was pregnant with Nadia and died shortly after giving birth. While her father had no idea she was even alive, let alone any oppertunity to contact her.
As a child in the care of The Red Room she was destined to become a covert agent and her early years were filled with the harsh training intended to produce a perfect spy. At least until her exceptionally brilliant mind became apparant. Her tutors quickly decided she would serve the organisation best as part of a special training program called The Science Class. A collection of the best and brightest who, rather than acting as field agents, were to create all the weapons, tools and gadgets needed for assassins and spies in a world filled with super heroes.
Nadia excelled in the Science Class, although it was a lonely life with few friends and harsh demands, and she quickly proved herself the brightest recruit the Science Class had ever known.
When it became apparant that Nadia might equal the intelligence of her parents her tutors set her a task, she was to figure out how to replicate the abilities that Pym Particles grant using a sample they had obtained on the black market. To motivate Nadia they told her about her father, who was both a scientist and a superhero, and hinted that if she could replicate his experiments then she would be rewarded.
Nadia was indeed motivated, although not in the way her captors had hoped. She practically devoured every scrap of information about her parents and about her fathers research. But not for the sake of the Science Class, instead she swore she would replicate the experiment on herself. Then she would escape, travel to America and finally get to meet her father in person.
Remarkably not only did her experiment to infuse herself with Pym Particles succeed but she managed to sneak her way out of the Science Class and evade the agents sent to recover her.
Having made a daring escape and fled to America Nadia set about making a life for herself. She developed and sold a few simple drug patents and used the profits to fund her non-profit organisation the Genius in Action Research Lab (Or G.I.R.L for short).


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