The Cavalry

The Cavalry

Ming-Na Wen as Melinda May
Name: Melinda May
Codename: The Cavalry
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 53
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Skin: Asian
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown





2020-08-03 - Hot Pot Life Coach
Summary: May catches up with Lena and offers her a new direction. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(lena-snart melinda-may social)

2020-08-03 - Hellqueen on Earth
Summary: May gets to interrogate one of the Atlantean prisoners Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(keiko koa-turner melinda-may plot)

2020-07-05 - Give It Back
Summary: Keiko has to give back Steves jacket and there's a briefing about HYDRA's latest activities...
(keiko koa-turner melinda-may plot steve-rogers)

2020-06-13 - Hoots Force Rings
Summary: The Hootsforce is out in force Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Jun 13 09:22:52 2020...
(ambrose jemma-simmons jeriah-london melinda-may plot)

2020-05-13 - Into The Fray
Summary: An eight legged horse, Fomorians, Native American and it's chaos! Log Info: Storyteller:...
(dylan-grey ford-benett jesana loki melinda-may plot wild-ride zatanna-zatara)

2020-04-15 - Morphogenic Attack Slinky
Summary: A visit to see Zemo reveals some interesting information and a Tortie-May Log Info:...
(mari-mccabe melinda-may plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-04-03 - Thank The Goddess
Summary: T'Challa always has a plan - this time it involves a surprise for his travelling...
(mari-mccabe melinda-may plot spirit-of-anansi steve-rogers tchalla)

2020-04-01 - Harlem Has Better Radishes
Summary: Honey does draw more flies than vinegar, pickpockets avoid Karmic demise, and Ambrose and...
(ambrose melinda-may social)

2020-04-01 - Happy Birthday?
Summary: Ambrose is back in town. And it's his birthday! Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date:...
(ambrose lena-snart melinda-may social)

2020-03-29 - Well done, have a cookie.
Summary: Cookies! And Astral Jackals! And cold guns! OH MY! Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun...
(ambrose lena-snart loki melinda-may ninewolves plot sigyn social)

2020-03-24 - How To Move On
Summary: Melinda takes Lena out for dinner after some training. They have a semi heart-to-heart. A...
(ambrose lena-snart melinda-may social)

2020-03-14 - Exotic Pets
Summary: With a distraction being created for them, a group goes looking for the central crystal....
(barbara-gordon dylan-grey gorgon helena-wayne klavdiya-vasiliev melinda-may plot)

2020-03-06 - Deep Below
Summary: Jeriah reveals some information about Rykers Island Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Fri...
(jemma-simmons jeriah-london melinda-may plot viralweapon)

2020-03-05 - You're Damn Ugly
Summary: Finally a small success in the bid to remove the barrier. The Lady Amara is apprehended....
(barbara-gordon dylan-grey gorgon hercules hisako-ichiki klavdiya-vasiliev laynia-petrovna melinda-may plot)

2020-02-24 - Lute A Lot
Summary: A nightclub is transferred into a Greecian Temple. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon...
(fenris melinda-may plot zatanna-zatara)

2020-02-12 - Visitors And A Near Sighted Dragon
Summary: A trip inside the barrier to honour an agreement with a Dragon. Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(barbara-gordon gorgon ken-harada melinda-may plot steve-rogers)

2020-02-08 - I Hope You Like Tea
Summary: Agent May offers Lena a different path. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date:...
(lena-snart melinda-may social)

2020-02-05 - Inception
Summary: Jeriah sets up a trap for Jemma's hacker. Things don't go quite as planned. Log Info:...
(jemma-simmons jeriah-london melinda-may plot viralweapon)

2020-02-03 - Acceptable Apology
Summary: Lena seeks out Loki, finds him and Melinda at Cover Story. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(lena-snart loki melinda-may social)

2020-01-29 - It's Like a Disney Movie! But Not Really This Time.
Summary: May's persistence pays off: she finds the pale Jackal once more at the butcher shop where...
(ambrose melinda-may social)

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