Loki Laufeyson

Loki Odinson

Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson
Name: Loki Laufeyson
Codename: Loki Odinson
Faction: Asgardians
Position: God of Mischief, Liesmith, Prince of Asgard, Odinson
Age: 2993
Hometown: Born in Jotunheim, Raised in Asgard
Gender: Male by birth, fluid by nature — very much subject to change as are all Loki's other physical characteristics.
Height: 6'4"
Build: Athletic
Skin: Fair
Hair: Wavy black to shoulders.
Eyes: Green


Born the runt of the litter to the Jotun King his wife, Loki tricked his way into being adopted by king of Asgard and raised as one of the family. An Asgardian Prince, he was often in trouble as the mischief in him led him to several pranks, and a fairly one sided rivalry with his brother the heir. His childhood was fraught with difficulties, many of them his own fault.

Much of his love of magic he learned from his mother, another source of difficulty for him in a culture that traditionally considered magic the perview of womman, and not manly. Over time this led to his pranks growing a bit darker, and led to a great many problems for him over the millenia.

Still, all things considered despite some truly dark acts, he's also acted the hero. Mostly he is a trickster by nature, a creature of whim and whimsy, the bitterness haveing worn down considerbly over his long life.

Presently he is on Midgard, rather enjoying the modern era and the fact that there's actually formal relations between Midgard and Asgard. Also, there's several Asgardian people he's espectially fond of (pranking), and even some of his children to be found. Adding to the appeal is the fact he's always felt that humans are endlessly fascinating creatures. There's much to hold his interest in this age of super beings.

Drawing on his love of lore and learning, he's setup shop in Harlem where he sometimes even works! The shop is a bookstore specializing in old and/or rare and hard to acquire books with the name 'Cover Story'.

App primary source: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Loki_Laufeyson_(Earth-616)


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2020-06-19 - To Those Absent
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2020-05-15 - Alchemical Progress
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2020-05-13 - Into The Fray
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2020-05-12 - The Core of the Problem
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2020-04-25 - Snickerdoodles Solve All Woes
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2020-04-23 - A Fine Pair
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2020-04-20 - It's All In Spirit
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