Hugh Jackman as James Howlett
Name: James Howlett
Codename: Wolverine
Position: Weapon X, Logan, Lucky Jim, Various Others
Age: {$age}
Hometown: Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Build: Athletic
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


James Howlett was born in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in the mid-1880's to a married woman and a groundskeeper in the employ of the Howlett family. As a boy, James was frail, sickly, and prone to allergic reactions, largely neglected by his mother and watched from afar by his father…until one day, Thomas invaded the Howlett estate in drunken stupor to try and take the married woman and James with him, shooting her husband dead. James, who believed that man was his father, finally realized his mutation: Bone claws emerged from his fists and in a cry of rage, attacked and killed his biological father, who revealed his identity to a distraught and guilty James. His mother committed suicide soon after, leaving James to run for his life to parts unknown.
As the years drew on and on, Logan had traveled all the way around the world, performing military service for his country and the United States, heading first to Japan and over to Madrid soon after where as a young man, he settled down (or tried to) before his family were killed by individuals who were tracking him at the time, unbeknownst to him was the Weapon Plus Program.
As he went back to the United States of sign of their prosperity, he quickly got wrapped up in the Wild West's problems and triumphs. Later, he took part in the first World War…then the second. When he tried once again to start a family and settle down, old enemies of the special operations unit he worked for in WW2 came back to haunt him, killing his wife at the time and sending him on the warpath. He was then offered a risky solution.
A solution that involved binding his skeleton in the rare metal Adamantium, a surgery that only he could have survived.
Unfortunately for his employers, the experimentation caused Logan to enter a berserker rage, killing and slaughtering his way out of the facility he was trapped in until he reached his freedom. The event was so traumatic that he lost much of his memory, including his real name. Instead going by the name 'Logan'. He later joined the X-Men when they discovered him and helped him regain more than a few of his memories and joined them on many heroic pursuits in return.
He later ended up on SHIELD's radar after a bout with the Yakuza, joining their ranks and quickly rising to Special Agent.
Now though? Well, Now Logan moves from place to place, helping where he can, dealing with his personal problems as he can. But the only thing that hasn't changed?
He's the best there is at what he does, but what he does ain't very nice.



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