Captain Cold

Captain Cold

Elizabeth Gillies as Lena Eira Snart
Name: Lena Eira Snart
Codename: Captain Cold
Faction: Her Own, SHIELD
Position: Master Thief, Cool Chick, Good Guy?
Age: 21
Hometown: New York, NY
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Build: Lean and lanky
Skin: Pale
Hair: Pitch
Eyes: Frost Blue


Larceny is in the genes, doc. I told you this already. From the top? Ok…if you insist. Daddy was in the life before I was born, and all more so after I came kick and screaming into that dilapidated house on the east side. He wanted mom and me to have a better life. Noble, really. I knew his crew and they treated me like their own ankle-biter. I even remember going out with dad on jobs now and then. It was fun…like some twisted up version of 'take your kid to work day'. Life was good, but then it happened. The old man got sloppy and got busted. I use to love him, but once he was out of the slammer, he was a different person. Never rose a hand to my mother or myself…not until he got out. I was a good kid, y'know? I had amazing grades, never missed school once, but that didn't matter. The marks /never/ mattered. The only thing that mattered now that I was a little older was what I brought to the crew.

I want to say that I went on some teenage bender of rebellion, but that wasn't' true. I was too deep in it now and just ended up being a copy of my old man. I thought I was better than him. Heh, I ended up in juvie by the time I was twelve.

I was a runt, still am depending on who you ask. So, I was shit kicked around while I was there. A larger kid tried helping me out now and again, but that didn't stop me from ending up in solitary. You'd think that'd let you feel safe, right? Being locked away where no one could bug you? I liked the silence…the solitude.

It got cold in there in that little stone room. Very cold and very lonely. Do you know what goes perfectly with misery? Com'on, Doc, it's company. The answer is /company/. Know what else? Some creeps slip through the cracks and end up working with messed up punks like me. One such creep was sweet on me. Sweet and so beautifully stupid. I have a soft spot for thugs, the bigger the better, and nothing goes through a wall better than a walking wrecking ball. Kiss a cheek or two and promise some 'love yous' and I got my ticket out of that hell. His name? Beats me. I don't remember things that don't matter.

After I was out? Well, I started having fun again and finding myself. My real self…This city loves cheesy stuff. Superheroes and villains that belong on the back of a cereal box more so than on the front of the papers. Why not play along? Live it up? So, I got my hands on some junk during a heist or two and set out to make myself something pretty. This baby right here…She's beautiful, isn't she? She helped me out, y'know? Helped me become me. Now Doc, that's not nice. You stopped listening when Jadis showed up. That's rude…but it doesn't matter. I think you need time to calm down, chill out and remember your manners.


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