Darkstar (Tyomneya Zvezda)

No PB as Laynia Petrovna (Laynia Sergeievna Petrovna Krylova)
Name: Laynia Petrovna (Laynia Sergeievna Petrovna Krylova)
Codename: Darkstar (Tyomneya Zvezda)
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 32 (72)
Hometown: Born in Minsk, Belarus
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Build: Mesomorph
Skin: Fair
Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Cinnamon


Laynia Sergeievna Petrovna Krylova, more commonly called Laynia Petrovna was born in Minsk, in Belarus during the height of the Cold War. The daughter of a nuclear physicist Sergei Krylov and his wife Marya Karlova, her parents were accidentally irradiated during an experiment. When her mother subsequently died during childbirth, Laynia's father was told that she and her twin brother had died as well. The mutant infants were then taken into custody by the Russian state and, when their superhuman abilities first manifested in adolescence, were turned over to a government-run school for training Russian mutants. After being given the codename Darkstar because of her mutant ability to manipulate the extra dimensional energy known as the Darkforce, Petrovna studied at the academy alongside her overly protective brother Nikolai, codenamed Vanguard, and both trained to become government agents by the KGB.

As it turns out, the staff at the school had been draining the powers of their mutant charges, using the stolen power in order to bestow them temporarily on themselves. Once discovered by another of the trainees, this plan was routed and the program restructured. Once graduated to field agent one of the first missions Darkstar was assigned sent her to the United States as powered muscle to support the assassins sent after the Black Widow once she broke ties with the KGB. When later they met again they trained together, Laynia unknowing of how the Red Room and Lock and Key were used to make the Black Widow a sleeper agent.

Eventually, Laynia became very disillusioned by her life as a government agent and attempted to defect to America with the aid of both the Black Widow and her sponsor in S.H.I.E.L.D., whom Laynia never met. Sadly, it did not go well and Laynia was shot by a sniper and thought to be dead when she seemed to explode, consumed in a nova of Darkforce energy. Her body was never recovered.

This is when her dual nature made itself known, though not for some time. At the moment of her apparent death, the Darkforce version of her denied this as she wanted to live and Laynia's death on Earth would kill her too. It is uncertain if this feat could ever be repeated, but Darkforce Laynia pulled her Earthly body into the Darkforce Dimension and spent the next several years repairing it. Time in the Darkforce Dimension is a tricky thing, it doesn't always pass at the same rate as on Earth so when (eventually) Laynia was returned to Earth she discovered to her shock that it had been a full 40 years since she last remembered!

Much had changed, but with her being listed as dead, she was able to finally make good her escape to the United States by way of France, where she was shot. Most of her resources were gone, but she still had knowledge of several money and supply caches from her espionage days and used them to make her way and enough spycraft to carry it off. Of course, there s no guarantees that there aren't those back in Mother Russia who remember the Darkstar, her return may very well trigger events that come back to haunt Laynia.

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