Kaori De La Flor as Keiko Kurita
Name: Keiko Kurita
Codename: Tatuaje
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 31
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 151cm
Build: Curvy
Skin: Dusky
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Brown


Stolen as a young child by the Nightfall, an organisation that works in the shadows of which little is known about, Keiko was marked and began her training. The training was harsh but taught her how to use the tattoo of the wolf she'd been marked with.

Throughout the years, Keiko learned well and received more markings. Each one denoting her ascension through the ranks of the Nightfall and each one being bound to the spirit of the creature or monster it represented.

The process of receiving each tattoo is painfully horrific. It's more than just the marking of the skin with an ancient arcane ritual being performed to bind the bearers spirit to the animal. Most bearers end up just a little crazy and are known to go berserk at times.

Life wasn't easy for the prisoners though, they performed the tasks they were given and controlled through mental conditioning and physical punishment. However, to become a tattoo wielder requires a lot of mental fortitude and controlling these prisoners is not easy. It wasn't long after receiving her last mark, the Dragon, that Keiko was able to break enough of the conditioning to escape the Nightfall. She ran, for as long and as far as she could. She remembers little of that flight and doesn't know where she was held or how she left.
That was three years ago and she now makes her home in New York making a living as a 'jill of all trades' doing odd jobs that, in the main, pay well and let her keep a low profile.

The Nightfall is looking for her, of course. Maybe they've already found her and are just biding their time before they retrieve her.


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2019-10-17 - People Change
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