Hod the Hidden

Hod the Hidden

Dimitris Alexandrou as Hod Odinson
Name: Hod Odinson
Codename: Hod the Hidden
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 3000
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Build: Slim/Athletic
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black
Eyes: Completely Black


Hod's story begins when he was born. Granted everyone's story begins when they were born but most people don't have a prophecy about them killing their twin brother and bringing about the destruction of everything important. As one imagines, this had an impact on young Hod. While his twin brother was all light and sunshine and the adorable love of puppy dogs, Hod was born blind and cold to the touch, wreathed in shadows. Between his natural wall flower proclivities and the nature of his godhood, Hod was not well liked. Despite his hard won skill at arms and general ability to be useful despite his handicap, Hod was slowly ostracizes by all of the Aesir save Baldur. This became official when, unable to see a way out of the prophecy after 5 centuries, even with the All Sight, Odin cursed Hod and banished him to Midgard striping him of as much of his natural Asgardian might as he could, hoping against hope that the savage Realm would see Hod dead.

It did not work. For 2500 years Hod has walked Midgard, always in the fringes of the greatest societies, always just outside of grand events. As if drawn to them without knowing but never able to be a piece of them in whole. His time on Midgard while long and arduous, has not been without reward. He has witnessed wonders and horrors indescribable and to numerous to count, he has learned the ways of mortal man and become the most human of the Aesir. Now the Aesir walk Midgard in numbers they never have before, and a world that was once immense in it's mystery, is small and crowded. What was once a dangerous but comfortable Realm in which to enjoy exile, has become one of growing fear for Hod. Because as the Aesir crowd about, he fears the time of prophecy cannot be far removed and with it, his part in Ragnarok.


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