Voice Actor: Kelsey Grammer as Dr Henry Philip Mccoy
Name: Dr Henry Philip Mccoy
Codename: Beast
Faction: Xavier Institute & the X-Men
Position: Super Scientist, Teacher & Hero who bounces! (No, he's not related to Tigger)
Age: 24
Hometown: Dundee, IL (USA)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Build: Herculean
Skin: Blue
Hair: Thick, coarse blue-black fur
Eyes: Yellow


Born in Dundee, Illinois to loving parents Norton and Edna McCoy, Henry Philip McCoy was gifted from birth with great intellect, and not so gifted to have extremely large hands and feet, and unusually long arms and legs much like a simian. Kids being kids, Hank was often teased, his nickname throughout his early school years being Magilla Gorilla. His gifts, subtle and otherwise were likely, or so Hank thinks, due in large part to his father's job at a nuclear plant and probable radiation exposure.

Hank took refuge in his studies, his desire to learn a thirst he could never fully slake, the refuge of books and study and experimentation a safe haven and his greatest passion. As he got older he learned to cope, developing a wry wit and a talent for banter and repartee that few could rival. That wit helped him win acceptance, albeit grudging by the time he was in high school that culminated, coincidentally of course, with his brief tenure as a jock.

Late adolescence is when his powers started to manifest more fully, always strong and agile, his abilities grew considerably by the time he was a jock. Unfortunately it started being really apparent that his prowess was beyond the norm, and this won him the animosity of the other kids. His brief popularity shattered, he took refuge once more in studies until approached by Professor Charles Xavier and invited to enroll at his School for Gifted Youngsters.

Hank discussed this with his parents, and they agreed it was a brilliant opportunity and one he should accept. Hank learned to fight, training hard to master his burgeoning powers and finally finding access to the educational resources he needed to truly flourish under Xavier's tutelage.

By the time he was sixteen hed already taken every course available in the Institute curriculum. By eighteen he had branched out and gotten several Masters Degrees including Chemistry, Genetics and Biophysics. At age twenty he completed his dissertations in his three primary fields of study, earning his PhDs in all three. Eclectic by nature - ALL knowledge, was grist for his mill and his extraordinary intellect.

Hank left the Institute's housing though he continued to train there and worked with the X-men on several missions. Having found a small but cozy studio apartment in Greenwich Village in New York City, he started work at the Brand Corporation which was the primary reason he moved in the first place.

His research for the Brand Corporation was exciting and cutting edge genetics work in which he isolated a 'hormonal extract' that temporarily granted whomever was injected with mutant powers via transformation. He used this serum on himself to greatly boost his power and disguise his appearance whilst foiling attempts to steal his research, ultimately staying transformed too long and locking the transformation down permanently.

He worked tirelessly to revert to his non-bestial form until finally he had to accept that his transformed self was now his natural state. In the wake of that acceptance Hank took the Moniker 'Beast' — embraced it really, deciding to own what happened rather than let it own him, especially in light of the feral side to his nature he's often forced to struggle with.

In the ensuing two years that have passed Hank earned three more doctorates in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Pathology. Due to his obvious mutations he had to move out of his Greenwich Village digs and has taken up residence at the Institute once more. Hank often helps out with teaching even as he continues his own studies and training.


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2020-07-19 - Operation Liberate Lima
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2020-07-12 - Cyberian Reopening Extravaganza
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2020-07-02 - Cyberian, Here We Come
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2020-05-31 - AIMterrogation
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2020-05-29 - Kibbles and Fits
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2020-05-26 - Gifts of Friendship, Gifted Gab
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2020-04-26 - Tinker, Tailor
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2020-04-24 - Whiff of Brimstone
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