Spider Woman

Spider Woman

Dove Cameron as Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy
Name: Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy
Codename: Spider Woman
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 19
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Slim Muscle
Skin: Pale
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy was born on the 29th of June, in the year 2000. She lived the first few years of her life in Forest Hills, a perfectly normal and happy, bouncy baby, who liked chewing on things and crawling literally everywhere. Her parents were discussing the possibility of a younger sibling, but it never came to pass; when Gwen was two years old and too young to really understand what was happening, her mother died suddenly; all she really knew was that one day her Mom was gone and her Dad was never quite the same; not really, not quite.

Her father raised her alone after that, doing his level best to juggle a rising career in the NYPD and trying to be there for his daughter whenever she needed him. Somehow, he pulled it off, at least most of the time. Well, some of the time, if we're being fair. Gwen learned at an early age, often in the house with just a dozing babysitter for company — or just nobody as she got older — to turn her thoughts inwards to self-reliance and introversion. That was fine, for her, it's not like she suffered or anything, she just learned to be perfectly happy without a lot of company; even surrounded by people as they were once they moved into an appartment. Gwen just didn't know any of them, and that was okay.

It's not that Gwen didn't have friends. Growing up, she hung out with a fellow nerd and serious introvert, occasionally sticking up for him using some of the moves she'd seen (and practiced) from those really bad kung-fu movies that are always on late at night. Eventually a rich kid from some billionaire family joined them to up their ranks to three; he could've had any friends he wanted, but he liked the ones who called him a chump and treated him like one of them without going googley-eyed over his family's money.

In one of her Dad's finer parenting moments, he recognized that all the time his daughter was spending with the big set of noise-cancelling headphones on her head, saying 'What?!' every time he asked her something, might mean there was a budding love of music; so of course, he enrolled her in music lessons, to learn to play the flute. After she flunked that miserably, followed by a similar performance with the piano and then the chello, he let her pick the next instrument. Drums weren't exactly what he had in mind, and it meant a few days spent putting up extra soundproofing in one of the rooms, but in due time Gwen was blasting out a wicked rhythm whenever she wasn't hanging out with her friends, practicing with the all-girl band she sucked it up and joined, or studying under her Dad's watchful eye to get into college.

Get into college she did; aiming for a degree in biochemistry for starters, though music would've been a close second choice. Fortunately, she could make it to the college from her apparentment, and the curriculum seemed really good, with some options to get work experience in with some of the big biotech corporations. Life seemed to be completely on track; which it was, right up until she was working a night shift at the Bodega and out of nowhere this spider bites her on the hand. It turns out this wasn't just any spider; it had been modified with alien DNA to give someone super powers. It wasn't supposed to escape, but it did, and for whatever reason seemed relevant in its tiny little brain, it picked Gwen.

The next thing Gwen knows, she's got the world ringing in her ears, she's ripped the faucets off the sink, and is hanging off the outside of a building. Talk about a wake-up call. One doesn't just become a hero overnight, but when another hero helps you out by giving you a decent costume and a couple of web-shooters, well maybe you've just got to step up to the plate. Really, it was her father's words, ringing in her ears that stuck the most. "…But everyone has something they want. What is it the world around you needs? What is it that only you can give? You're as smart, talented, and resilient as they come, Gwen. If you pay attention — Life will show you where you're needed most."

Well, question answered, Gwen.



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