No PB as Ford Joseph Benett
Name: Ford Joseph Benett
Codename: Ford
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 24
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Muscular
Skin: White
Hair: Short, dark brown
Eyes: Green



Ford was born to Sarah Benett and a man named Akura Kihiro (or, so he always claimed), but Ford only knew his biological father for about 4 years, before he left him and his mom on their own. His mother had always told Ford that he had to keep his natural abilities quiet, and once he began interacting properly with other children, it was apparent why. Ford was much stronger and more resilient then other kids; more than one of his playmates always ended up running to their parents saying that Ford was being scary or dangerous, and in time, Ford learned to hide what he was truly capable of, much to his displeasure. He crossed a number of mutants in his school years, confronting them about being so open with their powers in much the same manner he used to, but all it every earned him was becoming a target of their bullying. This began a somewhat shaky opinion of mutants that he has never fully gotten over.

At 12 years old, his mother remarried again, and a year later, Ford's stepsister, Ira, was born. Although Ford never got along with his stepfather, who only ever seemed invested in his mom or Ira, Ford grew to appreciate Ira's admiration for her older brother, and they remained close over the years. Ford developed into a fine mechanic, even landing a simple job wrenching vehicles for a local body shop. His true passion, however, was to become a racer, aiming to win a few championships, and bring home so much money that his mom and sister would never want for anything ever again.

However, almost two years ago, Ford's life was tossed on its side. A chase between a vigilante mutant and a group of robbers had grown out of control in uptown New York, and left several city blocks closed. Ford immediately rushed to the scene, seeking his mom and little sister, who had been traveling to the area for a school event. However, by the time Ford found their car, it was smashed and damaged, pulling the car free of debris to find his mom dead, and his little stepsister crippled. Rushing Ira to the hospital, Ford remained diligently by her side the entire time. His stepfather, however, never showed up, and after returning home to collect some things for Ira's quickly lengthening stay, Ford learned why. His stepfather, having gotten word that Ford's mom was dead, had abandoned the two of them to their fate, evidently no longer wanting any part of the family now that tragedy had struck.

Since then, Ford has stepped up as Ira's caretaker, putting his dreams of becoming a racer on hold as he scraped enough money for her recovery and livelihood. Ford quickly learned that his mediocre salary simply wasn't enough to not only care for himself and Ira, but pay for her medical needs as well. Ford has turned to more illegal means of getting the money he needs for Ira, though he patently refuses to do so with his latent demonic abilities. Upon bringing Ira home, Ford dug through some of his mom's things in hopes of finding something to sell, and stumbled across an odd club in the back of her closet, and a box of old photos and a diary of his biological father. Needless to say, Ford was startled to learn his father's true form was that of an oni - a demon straight out of Japanese mythology - and that Ford himself was a half-demon! A detail he has kept silent since learning it, for fear of either scaring Ira, or drawing unwanted attention… though it has brought him some measure of comfort in finally grasping himself and his powers. Ford simply wants to get back on his feet, take care of his sister, and if possible, pursue his dream of becoming a great racer once again. Until then, he just needs to knuckle down and survive.


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