The White Queen

The White Queen

Art by Miguel Mercado as Emma Grace Frost
Name: Emma Grace Frost
Codename: The White Queen
Faction: N/A
Position: CEO, Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder of Frost International, White Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club
Age: 35, appears to be in her mid-20s
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Build: Curvaceous
Skin: Porcelain
Hair: Shoulderblade length straight corn silk blonde.
Eyes: Sapphire


Born to a mercantile family in Boston, Massachusetts that traced its history back to the early 17th century, Emma is the third of four children born to Winston and Hazel Frost. Her older brother Christian is still alive, as is her youngest sister Cordelia and her mother. Her family life was to say the least, unpleasant at best. Her father was dissmissive and abusive, driving his son to substance abuse and attempted suicide after he found out that Christian was homosexual.

Emma was the underachiever until her powers manifested - ending the migraines that had been plaguing her, and her sisters also has powers. Life was endless drudgery, abuse, and fierce sibling rivalries. Once her powers manifested however…things really didn't improve. While in school she had a crush on one of her teachers, and was inspired to go into teaching herself, someday. Unfortuantely she acted on that crush, and caught kissing her teacher out front the Frost residence, was blackmailed into giving up her teaching dreams at that time.

When it came time to choose the heir to the family fortune, Christian's substance issues and sexuality excluded him, and for reasons known only to him, Winston skipped past the elder daughter Adrienne in favor of Emma and had Christian committed. Incensed, Emma had enough, and refused the honor and left to make her own way in life.

She started with minimum wage jobs, and after getting caught using her powers to 'pay' for food, she ended up moving in with a less than stellar guy. Unfortunately the guy in question had some debts, debts of the loan shark variety, and they were overdue. The plan was to pretend to kidnap Emma and then ransom her back to her family, but that failed when her dad refused to pay. When the sharks came back her beau was killed and Emma absorbed all his knowledge of business, giving her a seed to work off of for the future. Adrienne took Emma's kidnap video to the press, and Winston had to pay up - freeing herself with her powers Emma took the money and ran to New York.

Once there Emma enrolled in New York University and was reunited with the teacher she'd had a crush on and they eventually entered into a relationship. In school she met a fellow telepath who began teaching her to use her abilities, another friend almost got her crush fired by revealing his involvement with students, but Em's telepathic mentor used her powers to have him choke the accuser. Appalled, Emma turned on her former mentor and stole her knowledge of telepathy. Sadly, Emma's crush learned of her mutant abilities and dumped her in disgust.

She came to believe that humans were inferior and that she need not be so restrained in the use of her powers.

Shortly after school she came to the attention of the Hellfire Club and got a job there initially as a dancer, but eventually working her way up the ranks. Over time, using her talents and powers, her seed money and skills, she also managed to work her way up to control Frost International (she renamed it when she acquired control). Eventually she came be an actual member of the club, and was recruited into the Inner Circle, though it wasn't called that until later. Learning of a plot to use Sentinels to wipe out all mutants, she and the Black King combined forces to take over.

Mutant dominated, the Hellfire Club had numerous run ins with the X-Men and affiliates, even to strife over students to acquire. Ultimately that strife ended with the destruction of the Hellfire Club's Massachusett's Academy, under Emma's control and guidance, being destroyed by the X-Men some years ago. That action, the loss of her students and the fact that the Inner Circle ordered her to let them all be written off nearly destroyed Emma, she crawled inside a bottle, painfully working her way out while in a seclusion. Since then she's had a change of heart. Angry at the betrayal of the Hellfire Club, and stripped of most of her power while she was recovering, she has since come to the conclusion that she was going about things in the wrong way. Sadly she's ill equipped to find a better one, and so has returned to take up her role as CEO of Frost International, and has ties to the Hellfire Club and influence as well, but less power than previously.

Emma truly is trying to find a better way. Perhaps she'll even find one, given the chance.


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