Kate Beckinsale as Neena Thurman
Name: Neena Thurman
Codename: Domino
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 28
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Build: Wiry
Skin: Pure White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Glossy Hematite


Neena's life began inside a subterranean bunker located within the Florida Everglades, known only to a select few as Project Armageddon, surrounded by scientists and military personnel. Created with modified genetics and raised to be a weapon she remained under the Project's control until age 13 when her mother, also associated with the Project, helped her to escape.

The next few months were spent at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. It had only taken her a few months to discover that things were not as they seemed, the church was home to a cult who wanted to use mutants for their own goals. This time she had escaped on her own.

With nowhere to go she fell back to training, first surviving off of simple crimes before gravitating toward more dangerous but better paying opportunities. Life as a mercenary seemed to be the perfect calling. Pretending to be older than she was, Neena got into the scene at 16 going by the name 'Domino' and took on various jobs around the planet for the next eight years.

The most recent job called for support in the New York area, bringing her back to a previously established safehouse within the city.



2020-04-25 - Focused AIM
Summary: Another shot at a plan, a different audience, and a more tactful approach helps to find...
(domino social toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-04-24 - Wandering AIM
Summary: Some intel on an AIM convoy changes hands. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Fri Apr 24...
(domino hank-mccoy martin-almer posse social veronica-kelsey)

2020-04-19 - Samples from the Abyss
Summary: Hank gets something other than words to work with regarding the hellcat situation. Log...
(domino hank-mccoy social)

2020-04-18 - Helltalker
Summary: Social awkwardness, a fast bike ride, and shared details of a hellcat. Log Info:...
(domino posse social)

2020-04-14 - Bone Knitting Group
Summary: Martin's got plenty of work ahead of himself in getting Domino's deeper injuries sorted...
(domino martin-almer social)

2020-04-13 - Compromised
Summary: Immediately after Bearcat retrieval, a few of the RESCUE team have a brief conversation on...
(cyga domino hisako-ichiki io-niven posse social)

2020-04-12 - The Arena - Part I
Summary: In which Hunter and Posse and two REACT veterans search for and find Domino's missing...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy klavdiya-vasiliev plot posse)

2020-04-12 - After Arena Report
Summary: After Action Report and discussion in the wake of the Arena mission. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki io-niven martin-almer plot posse toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-04-11 - The Arena Part II
Summary: RESCUE (mostly) to the rescue! Domino is snatched from the clutches of the vile Cyberian in...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki io-niven klavdiya-vasiliev plot posse pride rescue thea veronica-kelsey)

2020-04-01 - What Lurks Within
Summary: While knocked the heck out Domino finally gets to confront the demon which has taken up...
(cutscene domino)

2020-03-29 - We Can Rebuild Her Better Stronger Faster
Summary: The time has come. The entire RESCUE team gathers to help with the operation to upgrade Ava...
(domino hank-mccoy io-niven nadia-van-dyne plot posse rescue toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-03-29 - Let's Enjoy Being Whole Again
Summary: Fresh out of surgery and cyber upgrades, Posse gets a visitor and a meal delivery. Log...
(domino posse social)

2020-03-25 - The Kennel
Summary: EXTREME VIOLENCE GORE WARNING - this is not for the faint of heart: Armor, Beast, Domino,...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki klavdiya-vasiliev lexi-haze plot)

2020-03-24 - A Spot of Truth
Summary: Hours away from Posse's surgery the cyborg and albino have a talk in private. Log Info:...
(domino posse social)

2020-03-22 - And Sandwiches to Go
Summary: After getting some answers from Chalk, Lexi catches up to Neena and makes her presence...
(cyga domino lexi-haze plot)

2020-03-22 - All Together Now: Posse Upgrades!
Summary: It's time to get Posse all up and running with her new upgrades, so the team preps for the...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy plot posse rescue toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-03-21 - Chalk Hunt
Summary: (Warning, dark scene is dark!) Chalk has some information and Domino's willing to dig for...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy klavdiya-vasiliev lexi-haze plot)

2020-03-20 - Wellness Check
Summary: Just another conversation over lunch including some nova hound intel. Log Info:...
(cyga domino posse social)

2020-03-18 - Another Crisis
Summary: While hound-hunting Hank and Neena have a chance to sort some things out. Log Info:...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy plot)

2020-03-15 - Disaster Hounds
Summary: Plans are laid to deal with the freaky 'hounds' that nearly killed Hank and Domino in the...
(cyga domino hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki io-niven plot toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

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