Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar
Name: Danielle Moonstar
Codename: Mirage
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 19
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic
Skin: Light brown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown




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2019-05-11 - Dinner and a Show
Summary: Spider-Man shows a Mirage a good time. (Just Pizza and Netflix, degenerates ) Log Info:...
(dani-moonstar peter-parker social)

2019-05-07 - Big Trouble in Little Chinatown
Summary: Spider-Man invites Mirage out on patrol! Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue May 7...
(dani-moonstar peter-parker social)

2019-05-04 - The After-Meeting Blues
Summary: Spider-Man, feeling a little down in the dumps, is elevated by a Valkyrie. Log Info:...
(dani-moonstar peter-parker social)

2019-05-03 - Illyana's Magikal Delivery Service
Summary: An early morning encounter by two people who are still getting used to Earth again. Log...
(dani-moonstar illyana-rasputina social)

2019-05-02 - The Runaway
Summary: A group of disparate metahuman teens: America Chavez (Ms. America), Dani Moonstar (Mirage),...
(america dani-moonstar kate-bishop koriandr nate-grey plot rahne-sinclair rose-wilson sarah-rainmaker)

2019-04-30 - Demons & Valkyries
Summary: Dani joins Illyana playing soccer at Xavier's, which leands to after-game alcohol and some...
(cessily-kincaid dani-moonstar illyana-rasputina rachel-summers remy-lebeau social x-men)

2019-04-29 - Demigod Dustup: Thunder, Mischief and Valkyries
Summary: Asgardians galore respond when Egyptians and Inuit gods start brawling in the street. Log...
(amora astryd brunnhilde dani-moonstar light loki plot sif thor)

2019-04-25 - Hell No!
Summary: Dani and Anya have a chance run-in with another powered person, but Anya manages to freak...
(anya-corazon daisy dani-moonstar social)

2019-04-16 - Spiders, Valkyries, and Mutants
Summary: Just a small gathering of friends Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue Apr 16 00:11:24...
(anya-corazon cessily-kincaid dani-moonstar social)

2019-04-16 - Runaway Harlem Train
Summary: A pleasant evening in Harlem is interrupted by an MTA train catastrophe. Heroes intervene...
(anya-corazon betty-brant dani-moonstar peter-parker plot rose-wilson)

2019-04-16 - Friendly Neighhhhh-bors
Summary: Seeing a pegasus leads the hunted Spider-Man to a white-parapeted haven, and he joins...
(dani-moonstar peter-parker social)

2019-04-10 - He Who Makes a Beast of Himself...
Summary: A search party travels to Grayhawk Island to locate the missing Cypher. Log Info:...
(dani-moonstar douglas-ramsey jean-grey lorna-dane plot sam-guthrie sarah-black shield xmen)

2019-04-07 - A Werewolf, a Valkyrie, a Steel Golem, and a Kitty
Summary: A random group of mutants on the rear lawn of the Institute Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(dani-moonstar kitty-pryde piotr-rasputin rahne-sinclair social)

2019-04-06 - Norns by Nordwest
Summary: Apparently the Fates are pranking poor Hod Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Apr 6...
(dani-moonstar hod kate-bishop social)

2019-04-05 - Open Mic Night
Summary: Open mic night at the cafe turns into an unknown heroes meeting. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(dani-moonstar jean-grey kate-bishop social)

2019-04-01 - Heroes and Demons Go to White Castle
Summary: A lot of people get a hankering for those delicious little sliders. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(dani-moonstar hellboy koriandr peter-parker sarah-black social)

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