No PB as Sharon Smith
Name: Sharon Smith
Codename: Catseye
Faction: X-Men
Position: N/A
Age: 20
Hometown: New York
Gender: Female
Height: 6 feet
Build: Athletic and lean
Skin: pale skin/lavender fur
Hair: Lavender
Eyes: Lavender


Catseye was born with her mutation active, and abandoned soon after birth. She was raised by cats and grew up feral in the Manhattan Underground. Hearing of a cryptid that she suspected was a mutant, Emma Frost located Catseye and used her telepathy to force the now-teenager to human form for the first time since birth and to implant English in her mind. Now Sharon Smith, codenamed Catseye, she was enrolled in the Hellfire Academy as she had no hope of passing as a normal human. She was among the group of students that were captured during a protest in 2016. Trapped in feline form, Catseye escaped during transit to the medical facility and went feral. It is only recently, after catching a familiar scent near her wildlife refuge that she began shifting back to human form and has returned to New York to try to find out what happened to her friends.



2019-09-25 - Shopping Spree for Three
Summary: Emma, Cat and Pris meet while shopping - shopping spree ensues! Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(catseye emma-frost priscilla-kitaen social)

2019-09-24 - A Party for the Stars
Summary: The movie premiered with mixed reviews! Now it's time for a party! Log Info: Storyteller:...
(able america-chavez catseye emma-frost gwen-stacy mary-jane rebecca-gadison social)

2019-09-20 - Kid Omega is unphased
Summary: What starts as a surprise return to the school for Kurt, turns into a desperate bid to...
(catseye hank-mccoy jean-grey kurt-wagner plot quinn-quire scott-summers social)

2019-09-11 - A Chance Mutanttown Meetup
Summary: A lion, a tiger, and a Lexi walk into an alley Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Sep...
(catseye klavdiya-vasiliev lexi-haze plot pride)

2019-08-31 - Refurring the Beast & Plasmoid Ponderings
Summary: Remasculation of the Beast and dread portents about a plasmoid mutant and terror attacks!...
(catseye hank-mccoy jemma-simmons kwabena-odame plot prevoskwabafuckit science! superiority)

2019-08-21 - Ch-ch-changes!
Summary: Beast, Catseye, Kid Omega and a Special guest appearance by Jemma-Of-Nine! Lab Hijinks!...
(catseye hank-mccoy jemma-simmons plot quinn-quire science!)

2019-08-19 - At least she's not dating...
Summary: Cat comes home to explain to her guardian not so angel why tracksuit Bratva wannabes were...
(catseye emma-frost social)

2019-08-16 - Cats do not Fear the Dark
Summary: Catseye, Alex and Laynia meet in the quad at NYU. Self-Defense classes might be in the...
(catseye laynia-petrovna nyu phobos social)

2019-08-14 - The Return of Emma Frost
Summary: Sharon Smith welcomes Emma Frost back to the Institute. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(catseye emma-frost social)

2019-08-14 - Queens of Brass Poles and Concrete Jungles
Summary: Emma and Sharon encounter Priscilla while shopping. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(catseye emma-frost priscilla-kitaen social)

2019-07-31 - Danger Room Hijinks FFXIV Style - in 6K!
Summary: New student Bronco is treated to a Danger Room run alongside Doc McCoy, and Catseye. Quinn?...
(bronco catseye ffxiv hank-mccoy quinn-quire social)

2019-07-31 - Covered in Cats, Purrfection
Summary: In which Hank and Sharon are covered in cats. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Jul 31...
(catseye deanna-robins faux-beast social)

2019-07-30 - The Catgirl and Crazy Cat Lady
Summary: Sharon (Catseye) meets Deanna Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue Jul 30 01:02:48 2019...
(catseye deanna-robins social)

2019-07-28 - Back Into The Labs
Summary: Hank examines Isis to try and get to the bottom of what AIM might be doing. Thank goodness...
(catseye hank-mccoy isis-marik plot science!)

2019-07-21 - It's All Fun
Summary: Meeting in the park, Keiko might be warming to the Institute Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(catseye hank-mccoy keiko piotr-rasputin social)

2019-07-16 - Quick Look A Catseye!
Summary: Beast takes Catseye out to a cat cafe as a reward, and Brunnhilde uses their presence as a...
(brunnhilde carol-danvers catseye hank-mccoy social)

2019-07-08 - Boar is better than Grilled Cheese
Summary: Catseye and Dani conduct a late night raid of the X-Kitchen Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(catseye dani-moonstar social)

2019-06-24 - Seven Year Reunion
Summary: Piotr returns to the Institute after being gone for seven years. That would be 36 hours in...
(catseye dani-moonstar hank-mccoy jean-grey piotr-rasputin plot remy-lebeau rogue)

2019-06-23 - Fun Dip
Summary: A bunch of people gather in the foyer of the school and gab about stuff and then it ends...
(catseye dani-moonstar hank-mccoy remy-lebeau rogue social)

2019-06-19 - Tuesday Night at Sacred Grounds
Summary: Sharon Darcy meet at a coffee shop Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Jun 19 00:10:28...
(catseye darcy-lewis social)

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