Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan as James Buchanan Barnes
Name: James Buchanan Barnes
Codename: Winter Soldier
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 102
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Build: Medium
Skin: Fair
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: blue




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2019-08-08 - It's Difficult Being Legally Dead
Summary: Steve and Bucky meet Laynia and have a proper conversation, including a brief sneak-peek...
(bucky laynia-petrovna social steve-rogers)

2019-08-02 - College Choices
Summary: Helena seeks out Uncles Steve and Bucky for a little life advice. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(bucky helena-wayne social)

2019-07-26 - Suitably Mysterious Message
Summary: T'Challa sends a suitably mysterious but urgent message to the Avengers Log Info:...
(bucky mari-mccabe plot steve-rogers tchalla)

2019-07-16 - Sif-blocked
Summary: Loki is up to his games again, when Sif blocks him. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller}...
(bucky loki sif social)

2019-07-14 - Bad News and Good News
Summary: Bucky visits Avengers Mansion to catch up with Tony about his arm and shares a conversation...
(bucky pepper-potts social tony-stark)

2019-07-13 - Squawk on the Boardwalk
Summary: You again? Beware gulls. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Jul 13 01:14:09 2019...
(bucky social wanda)

2019-07-13 - Cheese Goes Well with Reverbium Musings
Summary: Steve updates Bucky on the status of the Reverbium material over grilled cheese sandwiches....
(bucky plot steve-rogers)

2019-07-11 - A Day In The Park
Summary: A day in the park for the Rasputin trio. Which one? Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Thu...
(bucky keiko peter-parker piotr-rasputin sarah-rainmaker social)

2019-06-24 - Swinging Through Silences
Summary: A dance for two, and a starry captain on a starry night. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(bucky social wanda)

2019-06-23 - Afghanistan Raid Gone Wrong
Summary: A SHIELD team gets a lead on a Thunderbolt plant, and walk into a trap. Was it Ares, or...
(ares bucky hiroto plot roy-harper steve-rogers thea)

2019-06-08 - Upscale Lunch
Summary: Tony and Bucky talk over lunch. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Jun 8 05:21:33 2019...
(bucky social tony-stark)

2019-06-08 - Ma'm, There's a Bullet In Your Shoulder
Summary: Steve aids Sif with her mysterious stab wound (read as: bullet in her shoulder). Tony and...
(bucky sif social steve-rogers tony-stark)

2019-06-03 - Tonight's Thai Food
Summary: Natasha is one of the top spies in the world, was only a matter of time before she...
(black-widow bucky social steve-rogers)

2019-05-24 - Pavlova For Dessert
Summary: Returned from the hell realm of Mephisto, it's time to see what was recovered Log Info:...
(ambrose astryd bucky fenris godkiller kai plot sif)

2019-05-24 - Military-Industrial Anonymous
Summary: Bucky learns about Laura's past, somewhat. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Fri May 24...
(bucky laura-kinney social)

2019-05-23 - Crossing The Lethe
Summary: Into the Underworlds to seek the first part of the clues to God Killers whereabouts. Log...
(ambrose astryd bucky fenris godkiller kai plot sif)

2019-05-22 - Roughing It
Summary: Tony and Bucky go camping to get away from booze, the pressures of fame and genius, and the...
(bucky social tony-stark)

2019-05-15 - Art in the Park
Summary: The Rasputin siblings meet up in the park and run into another artist who is joined by his...
(bucky illyana-rasputina kai piotr-rasputin social)

2019-05-14 - What's In Your Pickanic Basket?
Summary: Helena sets up a picnic for Steve and Bucky, but a wild Laura appears! Log Info:...
(bucky helena-wayne laura-kinney social steve-rogers)

2019-05-13 - Warming Up
Summary: Warming up for weapon's practice with Lady Sif. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon May...
(asgard avengers bucky kai sif social steve-rogers)

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