Betty Brant

Betty Brant

Rachel McAdams as Elizabeth Brant
Name: Elizabeth Brant
Codename: Betty Brant
Faction: Asgardians
Position: Executive Assistant, Freelance Journalist, Priestess
Age: 31
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Build: Lean
Skin: Fair
Hair: Neutral Blonde
Eyes: Hazel Green


Betty Brant was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Betty was born on the poor side of the tracks, yet made it her purpose to care for her ailing mother and older brother as best as possible. Sadly, her brother fell into debt with the local underbelly of the city. Unable to pay his gambling debts, their family home was attacked by the gang, leaving Betty's mother in critical condition.

Left with being the last shred of stability for her family, Brant applied, and was accepted for her mothers former position at the Daily Bugle. This position meant that she would have to leave high-school and the family would soon relocate to Queens, New York. Loyal and skillful in her secretarial duties, Brant soon made a place for herself in the bullpen, and has been continually working there ever since.

Quick to take interest in investigative journalism, Betty has began tossing in her cap at submitting publications to both the Bugle, and other media outlets throughout New York. Always written under a pen-name, Brant keeps her anonymity for the time being, for fear of what the real truth would actually do to both herself, and her family, should they lose the only income keeping the mob at bay.



2019-04-22 - The Moonwalk Contest
Summary: Just another night at Sister Margaret's Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon Apr 22...
(betty-brant bucky loki social wade-wilson)

2019-04-22 - Reporter Magic
Summary: After previously aiding Betty and sharing a drink with her, Kate asks Betty out on an...
(betty-brant kate-kane social)

2019-04-21 - Teeth In The Dark
Summary: Betty gets a lead from a random informant. She meets a monster instead. Log Info:...
(betty-brant plot venom)

2019-04-20 - Buying The Bank
Summary: Betty meets her contacts to make a payment when The Punisher intervenes. Log Info:...
(betty-brant punisher social)

2019-04-19 - Trafficking
Summary: Betty Brant happens upon a SHIELD agent in M-Town and gets some disturbing information Log...
(betty-brant keiko koa-turner light plot rule)

2019-04-16 - Runaway Harlem Train
Summary: A pleasant evening in Harlem is interrupted by an MTA train catastrophe. Heroes intervene...
(anya-corazon betty-brant dani-moonstar peter-parker plot rose-wilson)

2019-04-16 - Interview Request
Summary: Bruce Wayne drops in to complain to JJJ and is intercepted by Betty Brant. Log Info:...
(betty-brant bruce-wayne social)

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