Betty Brant

Betty Brant

Rachel McAdams as Elizabeth Brant
Name: Elizabeth Brant
Codename: Betty Brant
Faction: Asgardians
Position: Executive Assistant, Freelance Journalist, Priestess
Age: 31
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Build: Lean
Skin: Fair
Hair: Neutral Blonde
Eyes: Hazel Green


Betty Brant was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Betty was born on the poor side of the tracks, yet made it her purpose to care for her ailing mother and older brother as best as possible. Sadly, her brother fell into debt with the local underbelly of the city. Unable to pay his gambling debts, their family home was attacked by the gang, leaving Betty's mother in critical condition.

Left with being the last shred of stability for her family, Brant applied, and was accepted for her mothers former position at the Daily Bugle. This position meant that she would have to leave high-school and the family would soon relocate to Queens, New York. Loyal and skillful in her secretarial duties, Brant soon made a place for herself in the bullpen, and has been continually working there ever since.

Quick to take interest in investigative journalism, Betty has began tossing in her cap at submitting publications to both the Bugle, and other media outlets throughout New York. Always written under a pen-name, Brant keeps her anonymity for the time being, for fear of what the real truth would actually do to both herself, and her family, should they lose the only income keeping the mob at bay.



2020-08-16 - Blind Leading The Blind
Summary: Matt and Betty catch up after a long time. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date:...
(betty-brant daredevil social)

2020-08-02 - Bounty of the Sea
Summary: Hercules and Betty meet on a beach. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date: August 2nd,...
(betty-brant hercules social)

2020-05-26 - Pointedly Not Lost
Summary: Ambrose and Betty meet at a grocer in Brooklyn. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date:...
(ambrose betty-brant social)

2020-05-02 - Cwn Annwn
Summary: Unease in the air, a vision and another damn hound. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat...
(ambrose betty-brant plot thecrown zatanna-zatara)

2020-04-27 - Cookies!!!
Summary: Betty visits Steve for some advise on love. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date:...
(betty-brant social steve-rogers)

2020-04-11 - Tin Star 55
Summary: Hank and Betty meet some goons at a fair. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date: April...
(betty-brant hank-mccoy social)

2020-03-26 - Pin Feathers and Golly Fluff.
Summary: A nightclub turns soup kitchen by day. Betty goes to get the scoop. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(betty-brant oliver-queen social)

2020-03-18 - Backdated Scene: 3/10/2020: Rough Patching
Summary: Hank seeks out Betty after a month of absence getting his head on straight and they begin...
(betty-brant hank-mccoy social)

2020-03-14 - Uber Eats
Summary: While on a job, Frank drops in on Betty. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date: March...
(betty-brant frank-castle social)

2020-02-28 - Through The Perils
Summary: Betty goes to see the Morrigan to retrieve the token that Astryd needs. Log Info:...
(astryd betty-brant fenris plot sif)

2020-02-09 - In Favor
Summary: Hank goes to see Betty after being released from RESCUE's care facilities Log Info:...
(betty-brant hank-mccoy social)

2020-02-13 - Mr. Snow
Summary: The God of Winter visits Betty. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller} Date: {$date}...
(betty-brant hod social)

2020-02-11 - Off To See The Dwarves
Summary: A trip to see the Dwarves in Minnesota to get Betty some armour. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(astryd betty-brant fenris plot sif)

2020-02-03 - Labhunters Part II
Summary: Having awakened the strange creature known as Unity, Iron Pariot, Augmenta, Posse, and Io...
(betty-brant hank-mccoy io-niven plot posse toni-ho veronica-kelsey)

2020-02-06 - Training Rewards
Summary: Steve treats Betty to pizza after another training session. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(betty-brant social steve-rogers)

2019-12-21 - Brooklyn Flea Market Holiday Wares
Summary: Prospective Christmas shoppers peruse the Brooklyn Flea Market and appreciate the holidays....
(amelie betty-brant melinda-may social steve-rogers)

2019-12-14 - That's No Reindeer!
Summary: A Bilgesnipe slipping through a broken rift is cause for concern in Central Park. It takes...
(ambrose betty-brant loki sigyn social)

2019-12-14 - Condo Fail
Summary: Bigotry still alive and well in NYC; Hank fails to buy a condo due to racism. :D Log Info:...
(betty-brant hank-mccoy social)

2019-12-08 - The Next Step
Summary: Betty visits Loki regarding the progress of magic. Log Info: Storyteller: {$storyteller}...
(betty-brant loki social)

2019-12-07 - Dead-proofing Betty Part 1
Summary: Betty and Sif go to a gym in the Bronx to start teaching the former basic combat defense...
(betty-brant hod plot sif steve-rogers viralweapon)

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