Tamsen McDonough as Barbara Gordon
Name: Barbara Gordon
Codename: Oracle
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 28
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Build: Athletic
Skin: Fair
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green


Barbara Gordon, the adopted daughter of the Police Commissioner, was the original Batgirl until she was shot through the spine by one her fathers enemies. The shooting left her crippled and for several months, Barbara remained hidden only attending physical and emotional therapy sessions.

However, she soon tired of being afraid and feeling useless and started using her skills as a researcher and a grant from a wealthy benefactor, she developed the Oracle Network, an information and technological network that rivals most major intelligence and military agencies around the world. Now Barbara, aka Oracle, is known as an all-knowing information goddess.

After six years or so of being confined to wheelchairs Babs was approached with an experimental technology that could restore her ability to walk. The trade off? If it worked, Babs Gordon would have trouble walking, but Batgirl would take to the streets once more.

It took several months of extensive remedial treatment and retraining before the redheaded Batgirl was seen on the streets of Gotham. That was several months ago and Barbara Gordon has just shown that she is able to walk, with aids.


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2019-06-14 - Star Light, Star Bright
Summary: Batgirl helps Quasar run down a gunrunner. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Fri Jun 14...
(avril-kincaid barbara-gordon social)

2019-06-08 - A Saturday at Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop
Summary: A conversation between strangers on a Saturday Night at Sacred Grounds Coffee shop. Log...
(barbara-gordon catseye social)

2019-06-02 - About last night ...
Summary: Allison and Barbara meet again at the Empire Diner in Queens to discuss what happened the...
(allison-crestmere barbara-gordon social)

2019-05-31 - Two Girls, A Car Crash, and a Pizza Place
Summary: Barbara and Allison meet coincidentally over pizza when a nearby car crash leads to a...
(allison-crestmere barbara-gordon social)

2019-05-26 - We've All Got Scars
Summary: Barbara meets Cassandra, and Helena teaches her a bit of acrobatics. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(barbara-gordon bruce-wayne cassandra-cain helena-wayne social)

2019-05-21 - The OG Batgirl
Summary: Batman drops in on Barbara to get the facts on her decision to allow a second Batgirl. Log...
(babs barbara-gordon batman bruce-wayne social)

2019-05-19 - Batgirl Begets Batgirl
Summary: Barbara Gordon instigates Stephanie Brown moving on from the Robin identity, to following...
(barbara-gordon social stephanie-brown)

2019-05-12 - Catching Up Over Drinks
Summary: A continuation of Jason and Bab's conversation Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sun May 12...
(barbara-gordon jason-todd social)

2019-05-07 - A Face Ill Remembered
Summary: Jason shows up on Barbara's doorstep. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue May 7 23:37:19...
(barbara-gordon jason-todd social)

2019-04-23 - Visiting Hours End At Eight
Summary: So maybe coming in after hours wasn't the best idea Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Tue...
(barbara-gordon bats pamela-isley social)

2019-04-23 - Nice Guitar, Buddy
Summary: Two capes, a musician and a woman in a park on Staten Island no, it's not the start of a...
(astryd barbara-gordon dinah-lance fenris social)

2019-04-23 - Denim Crows Briefing
Summary: Batman briefs the Batfemmes on the upcoming mission against the Denim Crows. Log Info:...
(barbara-gordon bats bruce-wayne kate-kane plot rule selina-kyle)

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