Alyssa Sutherland as Astryd Hrafndóttir
Name: Astryd Hrafndóttir
Codename: Pruor
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 3123
Hometown: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 6'
Build: Athletic
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey


At the tender ago of 600, Astryd was tasked with the keeping of a certain individual that had been chained and tethered by the others - in order to stop Ragnarok - including thinning his support base across the Nine Realms.

Over time, however, through continued interactions with the captive, the young Valkyrie developed a different view of the situation and began to believe that the imprisonment was wrong, that he wasn't the monster that others made him out to be and that Fate could be changed.

After petitioning Odin to let the prisoner try, Astryd was exiled from Asgard for daring so. Exiled her to the farthest reaches of the nine realms, her powers not what they had been, no weapons and the Bifrost closed permanently.

She endured though, finding a replacement sword and shield, learning to assimilate with the beings in the dimension she found herself. Over time, Astryd found that she could enter the Underworlds of dead religions and started to map them. It wasn't easy and it wasn't safe, the Underworlds are still home to many spirits and *other* entities. In time, she also found that with care, she could also traverse most of the Underworlds for living religions as well. Eventually, Astryd found her way to Midgard and settled there.

Over time, she found her way to New York and settled there. How long has she been there? Who knows? Long enough to be established in the city.


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