The Pale Jackal

The Pale Jackal

Jake Gyllenhaal as Ambrose Llewellyn Atherton
Name: Ambrose Llewellyn Atherton
Codename: The Pale Jackal
Faction: Immortal Irritations, The Rogue's Table
Position: Lieutenant, Esquire, Master-Thief
Age: 140 (appears 30)
Hometown: Basra Province, Iraq/Kuwait
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Toned
Skin: Sunkissed
Hair: Brunet
Eyes: Blue


The jackal cannot curl his lip
to snarl or sneer.
As predator he chooses
intricate ways with a smile on his face.
"Morning, stranger," he says,
the eyes blinking with innocence.

You can scare him away
if you think about it,
but no one usually does.
He seems to be tentative;
he looks away, sometimes;
he has a beggar's heart;
he can't think about tomorrow.

He wants you to believe in him.
He compliments you in every way
and wishes you were dead.

- "The Jackal", Ray Skjelbred



2019-06-20 - Fairy Good Revenge
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2019-06-18 - Maybe a Sack of Cats?
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2019-06-16 - Welcome to the Embassy
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2019-06-15 - Braised Chicken Tastes Better When It's Mooched
Summary: Pepper meets the Jackal - as a jackal - and Talbot in the process. All are charming and...
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2019-06-14 - Victorian is the New Fashion
Summary: Ambrose has the luck of meeting Loki in the park and a business partnership is forged. Poor...
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2019-05-31 - A Shimmering Garden
Summary: With two tablets in hand, it's time to retrieve God Killer. All does not go well, of...
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2019-05-28 - Got a Little Smudge on Your Soul There
Summary: Ambrose bites off more than he can chew with the Bane and Talbot steps in to eradicate the...
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2019-05-26 - It's A Good Day For A Feast
Summary: What is found beneath the ruins of Chernobyls nucleur reactor? A paranormal research...
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2019-05-24 - Pavlova For Dessert
Summary: Returned from the hell realm of Mephisto, it's time to see what was recovered Log Info:...
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2019-05-23 - Crossing The Lethe
Summary: Into the Underworlds to seek the first part of the clues to God Killers whereabouts. Log...
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2019-05-20 - Seedy Bar Shenanigans
Summary: Ambrose and Severin run into one another in a seedy bar, and hilarity and violence ensue....
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2019-05-20 - No More Work, Sir!
Summary: No more working, Kent! Work is for squares! Log Info: Storyteller: Ambrose Date: 05/20/2019...
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2019-05-15 - The Apocalypse Made Wolf
Summary: Kai gets to meet the Apocalypse and talk about a jaunt into hell. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(ambrose astryd fenris godkiller kai light plot)

2019-05-09 - Two Thieves in a Townhouse
Summary: Two thieves converge on a single location for different motivations. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(ambrose severin social)

2019-05-07 - And The Planning Begins
Summary: With the locations known for clues to Godkillers whereabouts, it's time to start planning....
(ambrose astryd fenris godkiller plot sif)

2019-05-05 - Wormwood - Where Mortals Lost Control
Summary: Ambrose drops round to decode the tablet and leaves horrified by his hosts. It was a good...
(ambrose astryd fenris godkiller light plot)

2019-05-03 - Along The Path In Nav
Summary: Another chance meeting with a God-Wolf and a Valkyr has Ambrose hooked into an adventure....
(ambrose astryd fenris godkiller light plot)

2019-05-01 - Shake The Tree
Summary: On the scent of something, Fenris and Astryd run into a thief and a creation of an Elder...
(ambrose astryd eve fenris social)

2019-04-09 - Opalized Sea Glass
Summary: Elmo returns the headphones to Ambrose fixed beyond expectation and gets an enticing offer...
(ambrose elmo social)

2019-03-14 - Nemesis Reunited
Summary: Halgrim and Ambrose catch up, like the pair of frenemies they are. Log Info: Storyteller:...
(ambrose halgrim social)

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