The Pale Jackal

The Pale Jackal

Jake Gyllenhaal as Ambrose Llewellyn Atherton
Name: Ambrose Llewellyn Atherton
Codename: The Pale Jackal
Faction: Immortal Irritations, The Rogue's Table
Position: Lieutenant, Esquire, Master-Thief
Age: 140 (appears 30)
Hometown: Basra Province, Iraq/Kuwait
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Toned
Skin: Sunkissed
Hair: Brunet
Eyes: Blue


The jackal cannot curl his lip
to snarl or sneer.
As predator he chooses
intricate ways with a smile on his face.
"Morning, stranger," he says,
the eyes blinking with innocence.

You can scare him away
if you think about it,
but no one usually does.
He seems to be tentative;
he looks away, sometimes;
he has a beggar's heart;
he can't think about tomorrow.

He wants you to believe in him.
He compliments you in every way
and wishes you were dead.

- "The Jackal", Ray Skjelbred



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2020-06-19 - To Those Absent
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2020-06-17 - Lack Of Foresight
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2020-06-16 - Dream Time
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2020-06-14 - Cold Iron is a Wisdom
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2020-06-13 - Hoots Force Rings
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2020-06-02 - A Rebeun
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2020-05-28 - More Practice
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2020-05-26 - Pointedly Not Lost
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2020-05-23 - We Don't Eat Guests!
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