Bella Thorne as Alison Blair
Name: Alison Blair
Codename: Dazzler
Faction: N/A
Position: N/A
Age: 20
Hometown: New York
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Build: Curvy Athletic
Skin: Caucasian skin
Hair: Strawberry Blonde/Auburn
Eyes: Blue


Alison was born in New York to a workaholic father and a free-spirited, and X-Gene mutant, mother. She can barely remember her mother, who left the family home when Alison was very young, due to the conflict of lifestyle with her father. The mother disappearing from her life though she is probably still out there somewhere. Her father devoted himself to his legal work, rising rapidly through the ranks, but also creating a disciplined household where family expectations were a priority. The expectation on Alison, who was showing artistic proclivities like her mother, was that she would go into law. The rigid scholastic expectations wore her down, though there was sympathy from her grandmother, who supported, to a degree, her artistic ambitions.

While performing at a school concert at the age of thirteen, Alison’s mutant abilities dramatically appeared in the form of a light show to accompany the music she was singing to. Everyone thought it was part of the act, but Alison knew better and did her best to learn to control these new aspects to her life. Since it was around the time of the Registration Act, she hid what she could do from everyone; especially her judge father. Alison would continue to perform at her schools when she could, adapting the stage name of Dazzler as further proof the light show was all part of the act.

When it was time to graduate, Alison informed her father that she would not be attending law school, and would instead be living a life of showbusiness. She was immediately disinherited. Since then she has been building up a following in the New York clubs and on Youtube, while starting to attract the interest of record companies and official management. The little money she earns is added to by secret gifts from her grandmother, but otherwise she is on her own. Her powers quite extensive now, Alison still tries to keep them hidden from the world.

A NOTE ON NAME: The Eagle-eyed will notice that her name is spelled Blair, rather than Blaire. This is because I know so many Blairs (without the e) in RL that I would be always typing the wrong thing, so left the 'e' off. However, she will one day add that 'e' - an e to represent entertainment. Or something. She's the same person as the Blaire in the comics.



2020-08-16 - Ascendence
Summary: A mutant arrives at the Tolliver Clinic with a horrifying story. It spurs XMen and allies...
(alison-blair colossus dominant gwen-stacy hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki isis-marik klavdiya-vasiliev nick-gleason plot shayera-hol)

2020-07-23 - Boom Goes The Door
Summary: A foray into the subway beneath the Disaster Zone leads to an interesting discovery Log...
(alison-blair avery-aaronson brandon-davis klavdiya-vasiliev mari-mccabe peter-parker plot spirit-of-anansi)

2020-07-15 - You Know What We Want
Summary: Cleaning up the Disaster Zone is not easy Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Jul 15...
(alison-blair avery-aaronson klavdiya-vasiliev mari-mccabe peter-parker plot spirit-of-anansi)

2020-07-04 - House of Mirrors
Summary: A House of Mirrors that gives a true reflection? Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Jul...
(alison-blair avery-aaronson dani-moonstar greer-nelson gwen-stacy isis-marik peter-parker plot priscilla-kitaen shayera-hol)

2020-06-10 - Dance Dance Baby
Summary: A dance party in the streets gets out of hand. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Jun 10...
(alison-blair carin-taylor dani-moonstar ford-benett loki peter-parker plot wild-ride zatanna-zatara)

2020-05-30 - A Giant Patronus
Summary: Did someone tear the veil between Earth and another dimension? Heroes have to fix it. Log...
(alison-blair ford-benett hanako hercules loki peter-parker plot wild-ride zatanna-zatara)

2020-04-11 - The Walls Came Tumblin' Down
Summary: Walls fall and Purifiers make a showing Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat Apr 11...
(alison-blair brandon-davis carol-danvers dominant hank-mccoy hisako-ichiki isis-marik plot)

2020-03-01 - Plans for the Future
Summary: Dani and Alison talk about plans, since the Young Avengers are pretty much over Log Info:...
(alison-blair dani-moonstar social)

2020-02-01 - Dazzling Emerald Bloodbath
Summary: Three supers happen upon each other at Coney Island. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Sat...
(alison-blair lydia-dietrich social wade-wilson)

2020-01-05 - Toss A Coin To Your Entertainment
Summary: An invitation to a 'fun' event turns out to be anything but. Log Info: Storyteller: None...
(alison-blair hisako-ichiki isis-marik lydia-dietrich nick-gleason plot)

2019-12-15 - Rubbing Elbows AND NOTHING ELSE
Summary: Zatanna and Alison go on what might possibly be a date. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(alison-blair social zatanna-zatara)

2019-11-26 - Tripod Invades Central Park!
Summary: Mysterious 911 calls from Central Park summon the Young Avengers Log Info: Storyteller:...
(alison-blair dani-moonstar social)

2019-11-04 - Queen of Rings
Summary: In which Zatanna's show has a special celebrity cameo. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(alison-blair social zatanna-zatara)

2019-10-29 - Killer Clowns in Central Park
Summary: Anon, Dazzler, and Jin fight evil clowns. As if that's not a redundancy. Log Info:...
(alison-blair anon jin-reyes social)

2019-10-07 - Tripping Over Transparency
Summary: Backstage at Club Sirius Hank, Sarah and Alison chat a bit and Ali's mutant status is...
(alison-blair hank-mccoy sarah-rainmaker social)

2019-10-07 - Tripping Over the Light Fantastic
Summary: Dazzler lights up the night in a small venue 'Club Sirius' with friends in the crowd. Log...
(alison-blair catseye hank-mccoy priscilla-kitaen sarah-rainmaker social)

2019-09-25 - Send in the Clowns
Summary: At 'The Carnival' club, the act after Dazzler wants to make a big impression. Log Info:...
(alison-blair hank-mccoy social)

2019-09-01 - A Management Meeting
Summary: Alison and Sarah sit down to have a manager-talent meeting, with topics detouring off to...
(alison-blair sarah-rainmaker social)

2019-08-07 - Buttressing the Struttage!
Summary: Dazzler is given the gift of sound system! Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Aug 7...
(alison-blair hank-mccoy social)

2019-07-13 - A Flashy Visitor
Summary: Dazzler and Darkhawk help a strange extradimensional visitor get out of Chinatown. Who...
(alison-blair christopher-powell social yav)

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