Charlie Hunnam as Unit Able-01
Name: Unit Able-01
Codename: Able
Faction: Thunderbolts
Position: Team Leader, Team Physician
Age: 148
Hometown: Hanover, Germany
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Build: Lean
Skin: Fairly Pale
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue



Engel Stanislav was born outside of Hanover, Germany sometime in the late 1800s. Childhood experiences led him to become obsessed with the ideas of mortality and the possibility of immortality. To better serve his ends, he joined the military and served through both World Wars, first as a medic, then later as a scientist in one of the Nazi party's most infamous prison camps.

After the wars, he traveled the world at length and continued to study both medicine and science. Several decades later he settled in New York and founded Prima Dynamics, a large medical research and development company. This was a cover for his true goal, which was to develop ways to prolong his life and enhance his own physical abilities, starting with a performance-enhancing drug called Ambrosia.

One of his many projects was focused on creating clones of himself with the goal of transferring his consciousness to a younger and stronger body. The first of these was named Able. Like Stanislav, his enhanced abilities were fueled by Ambrosia. Much of Able's brain was replaced with a hard drive designed to house Stanislav's persona, but the memory transfer process was only partly successful. Not successful enough for Stanislav, in any case. Able was soon placed in a medically induced coma and mothballed.

Years later, a power failure presented Able with an opportunity to escape. He fled with several pieces of specialized equipment and quickly found that a man of his skills could command a high price as a mercenary in certain countries. One of his contracts brought him to the attention of an American covert ops specialist, who recruited him as a not-so-willing member of her team. Despite the circumstances, Able quickly came to appreciate the resources and other fringe benefits of working in black ops. He also grew to appreciate his CO, who he married after a brief, intense romance. They're now divorced, but he still serves as her second in command. When he's not working with his team, he maintains a personal base of operations in New York.



2020-03-13 - Just desserts and just dessert
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2019-11-13 - The Many Tasks of Able
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2019-10-24 - Not MOHAWK
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2019-09-30 - Murder and Mamak
Summary: Melody Kenway contracts Nemo for a more.. permanent job. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
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2019-09-24 - A Party for the Stars
Summary: The movie premiered with mixed reviews! Now it's time for a party! Log Info: Storyteller:...
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2019-09-05 - All Yours, Sheriff
Summary: Brief kerfuffle, civilian arrest, questionable gratitude. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
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2019-08-28 - If I Had a Heart
Summary: Does man/machine have a soul? Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Wed Aug 28 02:03:32 2019...
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2019-08-28 - Big Ol' Bullets
Summary: A gem exchange turns into a fun time. Log Info: Storyteller: Able Date: August 28th, 2019...
(able ambrose lena-snart mick-rory social)

2019-08-19 - Professional Courtesy
Summary: A mission is discussed and orders are issued. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon Aug 19...
(able plot scandal thunder)

2019-08-19 - Codename - Venom
Summary: The Wall calls Able in for a job: Capture Venom. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date: Mon Aug...
(able amanda-waller plot)

2019-08-10 - A Job Offer
Summary: Able and Amanda meet under purposeful dire circumstances. Log Info: Storyteller: None Date:...
(able amanda-waller social)

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