At the heart of great change…

New York City sits poised on the cusp of a period of rebirth, renewal, exploration, and growth as it takes the spotlight on a global stage. Our game begins in 2019, in a period of rebuilding after a series of attacks on the United Nations left a large section of the city devastated. The United Nations is in a period of rebuilding. Superhero factions are working to regroup, and are working to regain and strengthen government recognition on a global stage.

World Unification has become a very real possibility as nations all over the world argue the pros and cons of establishing a World government, recognizing the need to represent the entire planet in an ever-expanding world where an alien presence is very real. In orbit, a space station is being built as a point of entry for those coming in from off-world, both for security and diplomatic purposes.

From the neighborhood to the skies, people both powered and otherwise are finding the world becoming a much smaller place, and all will be called upon to aid in issuing the world toward this new future.

Welcome to Empire State Heroes

Empire State Heroes is a Superhero game based in the Marvel Universe which embraces characters from a number of different sources including Marvel, DC, and beyond. We are a non-canon game that allows both Media and Original Characters to coexist. While we are open to characters from many comic publishers, all characters must be apped as if they've always been a part of the Marvel Universe, which is generally lower powered than some other universes. Also, only Marvel races (aside from the character's own race if applicable), organizations, metals, etc should be used in apps in order to tie them into the Marvel universe better. We are happy to help players adapt their favorite characters to fit in with our setting. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

We are an open +sheet game which uses descriptive traits to define how characters interact with one another, and depend on players to engage in consensual storytelling in order to create the collaborative fiction that is our world. While we do have dice code that can be used to throw some randomness into possible outcomes, we do not use a stat and XP system like some other games. Character growth is story-driven, and acquisition of new traits is done via +request through staff.

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